Judas Priest T-Shirt Defenders of the Faith original vintage. Front AND back. Ultra RARE


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Judas Priest, original Defenders of the Faith T-Shirt Front +back ….RARE
Length of the T-shirt:
Back: 69cm (27 inches)
Front: 57cm

Arm pit to arm pit:
(bottom of the arm pit): 51 cm

Sleeves (totally extended from side to side)
114 cm (43,5 inches)

T-Shirts on sale here are not ironed (that’s why they are wrinkly) but they are washed.

1. Freewheel Burning 4:22
2. “Jawbreaker” 3:25
3. “Rock Hard Ride Free” 5:34
4. “The Sentinel” 5:04
5. “Love Bites” 4:47
6. “Eat Me Alive” 3:34
7. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll” (Robert Halligan, Jr.) 4:05
8. “Night Comes Down” 3:58
9. “Heavy Duty” 2:25
10. “Defenders of the Faith”
Studio album by

Released 4 January 1984
Recorded September–November 1983
Studio Ibiza Sound Studios, Ibiza, Spain
Genre Heavy metalspeed metal
Length 39:43
Label Columbia
Producer Tom Allom
Judas Priest chronology
Screaming for Vengeance
Defenders of the Faith
Singles from Defenders of the Faith
  1. Freewheel Burning
    Released: December 1983
  2. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
    Released: 1984
  3. “Love Bites”
    Released: 1984

Metalheads /Rockers– even more than any other kinds of music fans – find it especially important to let friends and strangers know what they’re into. Band apparel can serve as a password of sorts at concerts (e.g. “Is this guy alright? …Yep, he’s wearing an uber-cool Judas Priest shirt.”), and some items are cool enough to inspire passers by to check out the band without any further recommendation. It’s no wonder that band merchandise has been a huge part of the music industry since rock and roll, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal began.

Judas Priest T-Shirt Defenders of the Faith original vintage +back. Ultra RARE

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