JOHNNY CRASH: Neighbourhood Threat CD 1990 ORIGINAL. w. former Tokyo Blade singer. Check video + AUDIO.


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Johnny Crash – Neighbourhood Threat
Category: Hard Rock
Year: 1990
Label: WTG

Vicki James Wright vocals
August Worchell lead guitar
Christopher Stewart rhythm guitar
Adam Rodgers bass
Stephen “Punkee” Adamo drums

1. Hey Kid
2. No Bones About It
3. All The Way In Love
4. Thrill Of The Kill
5. Axe To The Wax
6. Sink Or Swim
7. Crack Of Dawn
8. Freedom Road
9. Halfway To Heaven
10. Trigger Happy
11. Babys Like A Piano

5.0 out of 5 stars Johnny Crash,
Anybody that still likes that 80s glam bands will like Johnny Crash. The original LP is very hard to find

5.0 out of 5 stars great runchy rock n’ roll,
Its a good mix between L.A. Guns, Dangerous Toys and all those 80s glam rock bands. They just had the bad luck to release their album in a time where all the glam bands where getting signed. So they were one out tons of the same kind of band, but still very good.

I just recently found this on LP. When released Hit Parader had a big article calling them the “next” AC/DC so I bought the tape but I think they have more of a sleazy-blues sound similiar to Junkyard. It s still fun to listen to with tracks 1,2,5 & 8 being my “favourites”. Lead singer was from England, maybe thats the reason for the “Neighbourhood” spelling? He was in fact the 2nd vocalist for UK metal band Tokyo Blade. The song “freedom road” has backing vocals by johnny b. frank and danny stag from kingdom come. The LP is a kick ass peice of hard rock n roll.. The vocalist is from England. J

A good L.A. sleaze rock album that just got lost in the mix back when every band like this had a deal. Aggresive and attitude laden but still full of hooks with a good production. AC/DC + FASTER PUSSYCAT = JOHNNY CRASH

This album kicks ass, the songs are great. If you haven’t heard it yet, I’ll tell what it sounds like: if Faster Pussycat were an AC/DC cover band, they would sound like this. Do yourself a favour and buy this album.

My favorite band in my Hollywood days! I saw every show they ever did there. And since I was scouting for a couple of labels back then, I worked hard to get this band signed, though they landed their own deal with WTG in 1989. No Bones was definately my favorite song, and then Crack of Dawn. Vicki James Wright rules. Johnny Crash rules. 10+!

I like this. Its very good for what it is – straight down the line hard rock. Very nice. And again the ballad shines in for of the excellent ‘Freedom road’. Good solid hard rock. Track it down.

Great album !! Similar to AC/DC, Britny Fox… Good guyz !! Rock’n’Roll !!

I stumbled across this record totally by accident but it was a good find for sure, I love it. A nice Rock`n`Roll album with many Hits. This is a great hard rock album! Whoever said that Johnny Crash sounds like Faster Pussycat if they were an AC/DC cover band was definitely right on. The first 5 songs are awesome, and the rest of them ain’t bad either. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you like Faster Pussycats first album.

This is one of my all time favourite albums. I still listen to it a lot and like every note. A nice little AC/DC,Junkyard-ish band….I really liked Vicki in Tokyo Blade.

Greatest album ever! I LOVE THIS ALBUM! Why did they have to go?

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