Jimmy BARNES: Two fires LP 1990. Australian A.O.R., Hard Rock God. CHECK VIDEOS “Lay Down Your Guns”, “Let’s Make it Last All Night”, “When Your Love is Gone”


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fourth solo studio album, and his first of the nineties. The album was his fifth consecutive number one in Australia, but has been a little forgotten on the live circuit since. A little disproportionately so. It certainly has an amazing selection of excellent keyboard-infused rockers. “Lay Down Your Guns”, “Let’s Make it Last All Night”, “Hardline” and “Two Fires” all fit that bill, and are the best the album has to offer.

The softer, more ballady songs, “When Your Love is Gone” and “Fade to Black” (not a Metallica cover) are also amazing as well. They’re simple and straightforward, but are pleasant listens.

This album is matching the incredibly high quality of its predecessor Freight Train Heartand still feels relevant in the Jimmy Barnes discography. 

Two Fires is the fourth studio album for Australian rock singer Jimmy Barnes, and his first US release for Atlantic Records. It was released in Australia by Mushroom Records and was his fifth consecutive No. 1 album, peaking on release on 9 September 1990 and remaining at the position for 4 weeks. On 16 June 1991, Two Fires again hit #1, making it the only Barnes album to achieve such a feat.

“”Lay Down Your Guns”” (Barnes/Nowels)
“”Let Make It Last All Night”” (Barnes/Warren/Child)
“”Little Darling”” (Barnes)
“”Love is Enough”” (Barnes/Etzioni/Sandford/Thomas/Froggatt)
“”Hardline”” (Barnes/Brock/Williams/Savigar)
“”One of a Kind”” (Barnes/Brock/Williams/Savigar)
“”Sister Mercy”” (Barnes/Wilson/Neill)
“”When Your Love is Gone”” (Barnes/Brock/Savigar)
“”Between Two Fires”” (Barnes/Knight)
“”Fade to Black”” (Barnes/Bailey)
“”Hold On”” (Barnes/Brock/Williams)

Jimmy Barnes – vocals
Jeff Neill, Mark Lizotte, Brian Setzer, Todd Sharp, Wally Stocker – guitar
Jimmy Haslip – bass
Tony Brock – drums

1990 Australian ARIA Albums Chart 1

5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Have
Jimmy Barnes is the soul of Australia. His harsh voice send a shiver as he sings his songs. Jimmy Barnes was once a part of Cold Chisel and has done wonderfully well on his own. This LP is a must have in your collection. It will add a distinct flavour to any gathering, party or lonely night.


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