INNER WISH: Waiting for the Dawn CD + 1 bonus track. + Free CDR PROMO. Rare Traditional Heavy metal.


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No matter how many years will come and go, we will keep believing the same thing. Maybe no Greek heavy metal band will ever manage to outclass this music masterpiece, released by one of the top 5 Greek metal bands ever

Label: Eat Metal GRE 05 new
Genre: Heavy/Power/Trad. Metal
lyrics, Greek Metal from 1998, official reissue with 1 bonus track

Waiting For The Dawn = Studio album by InnerWish
Released: May, 1998
Recorded: July 1997
Genre: Heavy metal
Length: 44:28
Label: NMC Records
Producer: Kostas Arniotis
Waiting For The Dawn is the debut album by the Greek Power Metal band InnerWish, released in 1998.

“Spacerunner” 04:31
“Lord Of Truth” – 04:07
“Beyond My Soul” – 03:18
“Last Thing I’ll Remember” – 06:24
“Carry Your Cross” – 03:26
“Ready For Attack” – 04:26
“The Waves Of Destiny” – 04:28
“Have You Ever…?” – 06:38
“Waiting For The Dawn” – 07:10

Giannis Papanikolaou – vocals
Thimios Krikos – guitars
Manolis Tsigos – guitars
Alexis Leventeris – bass guitar
Pavlos Balatsoukas – drums
Dimitris Papalexis keyboards

Greece has a quite big scene, especially in the more traditional styles, meaning Heavy and Power Metal, but somehow hardly any act manages to get much attention outside an overall quite limited area.
“Waiting For The Dawn” is limited to 500 copies, so to find a copy of this album might be quite some challenge. Style wise it is, as one might suspect a mix of Heavy and Power Metal, in which you can also detect several influences from the Eighties, among others of Iron Maiden.

Whats a nice change is that they do not play the typical Power Metal sound, but spices it up with traditional Heavy Metal style from the Eighties and thus has an a lot less bombastic style, as the opening Spacerunner shows, despite some keyboards still quite earthy. The following “Lord Of Truth” even brings some acoustic passages, nice to hear that a band from this style also pays attention to the basic sound instead of trying to win over the listeners after the Olympic motto of faster, higher, further.

“Carry Your Cross” surely is one of the best songs on “Waiting For The Dawn”, with good, not so usual vocal line (whereas I have to point out the overall really good vocal performance) and also a slightly different arrangement, here we can see the potential of the Greeks, just like on the following Ready For Attack, which goes into a similar direction. An element that they also have taken from the traditional Heavy Metal is the fact that they only rarely use the double-bass, so they only get fast on some occasions, which is another point that puts them apart from many of todays bands.

In conclusion, if you take Waiting For The Dawn for what it is, a début from the year 1998, then it definitely is a really good album.

Buy this CD and get INNER WISH: Silent scars CDR PROMO, for free £0

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