IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER: Live At WFMU CD Hard to find songs from several releases. Hardcore Metal. Cro-Mags, D.R.I. Check sample


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Impulse Manslaughter were one of the first bands to cross the hardcore and metal sounds together into what we can now recognize as metalcore. This 38-track disc chronicles the outfit’s career, as it contains a live recording from the vault of NY radio station WFMU, as well as the band’s hard to find studio work. If you clamour for the days of Cro-Mags, DRI, or the harder side of the So Cal punk explosion, then this disc is an ideal pickup for you.

Balls-to-the-wall old-school HC, delivered with all the subtlety of a wet kiss at the end of a hard fist. — Rev Keith Gordan / Alt.Culture.Guide

For collectors of the glory days of thrash and crossover, this CD is a goldmine! — Jason Schreurs / Chord AUG/Sept 2004

Its amazing to me how many times live in the studio radio gigs bring out the best in a band. — Jeb / In Music We Trust

Makes the more traditional hardcore bands of the era look somewhat tame. —

Son of a bitch! This rips! I’ve never heard of this band and I fucking demand to know why! —


The first 17 tracks were recorded at WMFU in East Orange, NJ on 2/25/93. Technology wasn’t what it is today back in 93 and the results show. Towards the end of this set, “”Deceived”” stands out with a slower grind to it compared to the maddeningly quick execution of past tracks. Tracks 18-20 originally appeared on the “”No War”” split EP only this time you can hear the full color of “”Blanket Of Fear””, “”Gutterhead””, and “”Given”” (check out that opening scream!). 5 more tracks from a past effort….””Media””, “”Dogshit Extravaganza””, “”Chaos (live)””, “”Mighty Harness””, and, “”Sometimes”” this time with a bit of a less produced sound, a lot more raw sounding from the “”Sometimes”” EP. The triple threat of “”Face It””, “”Missing Children””, and “”Borderline Retard”” slide in from the “”Logical End”” album in all their unabashed punk glory. “”Pills”” originally from the “”Complete Death II”” release is by far the best sounding track on the album, while also retaining an almost Soulfly style riff. “”Piss Me Off”” appears as an out take from the “”Complete Death II”” sessions while the last 8 tracks close things up from the “”He Who Laughs Last”” album. “”The Oracle Of Penile Savage”” gives the vocals a rest and just lets the punk riffs fly on this all instrumental. Things move swiftly through “”Vomitheads”” in just over a minute before “”Start The War”” kicks in with it’s blues/jazz fusion style approach to the intro before falling more into an Impulse Manslaughter style kind of a song while “”Crimes”” just goes right for the throat. It’s quite a difference between the track 35 version of “”Sedation”” and the track 2 version of the same song! (live vs studio being the first note of comparison) The same applies for “”Kein Speil””. “”Pattonsteins Disease”” serves as the final track to this compilation of sorts. It’s just as hyped and intense as the rest and winds down with the big finish before “”Drink Smoke Vomit”” actually closes this album out with some drunken babble. Overall this is one that fans of Impulse Manslaughter will love to have.

Songs: 1. Blanket Of Fear 2. Sedation 3. Media 4. They Start The War 5. Not Quite Sure 6. Dogshit Extravaganza 7. Premature Evacuation 8. Crimes 9. Pills 10. Kein Spiel 11. Gutterhead 12. Nothing 13. Mighty Harness 14. A Hell On Earth 15. Deceived 16. Given 17. Rat Bastard 18. Blanket Of Fear 19. Gutterhead 20. Given 21. Media 22. Dogshit Extravaganza 23. Chaos (live) 24. Mighty Harness 25. Sometimes 26. Face It 27. Missing Children 28. Borderline Retard 29. Pills 30. Piss Me Off 31. The Oracle Of Penile Savage 32. Vomitheads 33. They Start The War 34. Crimes 35. Sedation 36. Kein Speil 37. Pattonsteins Disease 38. Drink Smoke Vomit

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