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Technical Death Metal band from Italy. ILLOGICIST lists DEATH, ATHEIST, SCEPTIC, and SPASTIC INK as their main influences. Their sound definitely recalls latter day DEATH with some ATHEIST and SCEPTIC here and there.

Country of origin:  Italy
Location: Aosta, Aosta Valley
Lyrical themes: Abstract, Spiritual, Philosophy

Illogicist ‎– Dissonant Perspectives

Label:  Not On Label ‎– none
Format: CD, EP
Country: Italy
1 The Soul Feeder 6:59
2 Knowledge Curse

Lyrics By – Remy Curtaz

3 Dissonant Perspectives 5:20

Illogicist – Dissonant Perspectives – 70%

Early in 2002 Illogicist released the “Polymorphism Of Death” MCD and they sure like to keep going because barely a year after that release its’ successor “Dissonant Perspectives” lies in front of me now.
Just like it was the case with its’ predecessor, “Dissonant Perspectives” is overflowing with technical Death / Thrash Metal, with the accent on Thrash Metal. This very musical quartet plays the three tracks “Soul Feeder”, “Knowledge Curse” and “Dissonant Perspectives” crammed with twin leads, staccatos and up tempo Thrash parts, the works. And when saying Thrash especially “Knowledge Curse” deserves a mention because that’s one heavy track. Nothing wrong with that eh?

However, the biggest advantage of “Polymorphism Of Death” was the combination between technical excellence and the catchy riffs. A feat I miss while listening to “Dissonant Perspectives”. Of course Illogicist plays very well indeed but it scarcely catched my attention for long. A bit unfortunate though.
A second thing I noticed are the vocals of Luca Minieri. I’ve got the feeling that, while the band develops their music to a higher lever of musicianship, Luca’s hoarse, screaming vocals are left behind sounding a bit too monotonous.
It doesn’t really bother, but one comes to expect somewhat higher achievements in that department as well because Illogicist puts te marker really high for themselves.

All in all another fine accomplishment for Illogicist, carrying their music to yet a higher level.
But somehow this MCD lacks the catchyness of its’ predecessor to become really interesting.

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