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“”Dark broody, beautiful, soulful and deeply
psychedelic rock, constituent parts
Mars Volta, Deus and Oceansize.”” – Bugbear Bookings

“”This richly talented group… amazing stuff.””
Queep Organic Music

“”A unique sensory experience that exercises hearts and minds…
…a tour-de-force of art-rock.””
– Whisperin and Hollerin Ezine

“”Intelligent, creative music… new and fresh.”” –

“”Stunning & sinister…Full of disturbing wonder.”” – Overplay

“”Enjoying your CD, good music, a bit bonkers, just the way I like it.””
– Joe Gideon, Bikini Atoll

“”A creative art force, We salute them.”” – Queep Organic Music

“”With their sweeping melodies and schizophrenic freak-outs,
Idioverse is what radio would sound like in a perfect world””.


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