I AM SEVEN: Better CD Rare Nice Brit pop /rock. Check the video


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I AM SEVEN: Better  Nice Brit pop. Check the video

The song received praise from famous musical acts such as Bob Geldof, who called it “”a great song””. Unfortunately the brilliant video was banned, due to its graphic images of heavy drinking and smoking. They performed several acoustic radio gigs for XFM, SBN and other student based radio stations to promote the single, finishing the campaign with a 3 day residency in the Virgin Megastores Tent at Glastonbury Festival.
The band followed up the critically acclaimed first single with their second, “”Better””. The single became a popular hit on student radio both in London and their native Birmingham, The video, this time, was aired on terrestrial telly. Following another moderate success, they released their third (and last) single “”Time”” early in 2001, which fared worse than the previous two singles, despite the band’s appearance on Men & Motors and a small UK tour. The press, especially Kerrang, did not favour the new polished direction of the band.
Genre Britpop.
Label Solid Records
The video for this song was filmed in a hospital. There are some scenes of the band mucking around similar to the Welcome video. At the end of the song, the three band members walk down a narrow alleyway and as Jai Stokes, the lead singer, delivers the last line of the song, the band let go of the hospital bed they are pushing down the corridor and watch it roll away from them.
Track listing
1. Welcome
2. Radio
3. Back Again
4. Zanzibar

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