HYBRID FREAK DIVISION: Non conformative CD. Jazz Rock / Hard Rock Fusion..


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Riot (4:42)
Poon-Tang Twostep (4:50)
Non Conformative (4:24)
Fahrenhate (4:19)
Nippe Signal (3:23)
While You Were Sleeping (2:50)
Paddington (3:27)
Friday (5:51)

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Hybrid Freak Division: Riot

Poon-Tang Twostep (Live):

Hybrid Freak Division: Friday (live)

Fusion/Hard Rock

The fusion rock band Hybrid Freak Division was formed in the spring of 2000 by guitarist Fredrik Andersson, bass player Par Lauren and drummer Bjorn Nyberg. The Swedish trio breaks out with a live sounding killer début album entitled Non Conformative. Hybrid Freak Division is an all instrumental fusion rock outfit wrapped up in a classic power trio format. Although improvisation and chaos is a vital part of their music, all Hybrid Freak Division songs feature some kind of melodic and rhythmic structure. Finding studio recordings often boring and uninspiring, the band is a genuine, hard hitting live band, which you will be aware of if you ever see them perform in concert. Guitarist Andersson studied at the Musicians Institute before joining Hybrid Freak Division and the metal band Pin Me Down.

Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Fusion/Hard Rock), total running time, 33:49

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