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Promo Mai 2003
Type: Demo
Release date: May 11th, 2003
Catalog ID: N/A
Version desc.: CD-R
Label: Independent
Format: CD

1. We Will Bring You… 03:18
2. Faceless Killer 04:01
4. Todesfuge 03:25
5. Nuclear War 02:37
6. Anal Rippers 02:59

Country of origin: Germany
Location: Herford, North Rhine-Westphalia
Genre: Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes: Political, critical, poetic

Promo Mai 2003 Demo 2003
Pathogenes of War Demo 2004
Breed of Cain Full-length 2006
Stillborn Resurrection Full-length 2008
Breed of Thrash Boxed set 2012
Shut the Fuck Up! Full-length 2012

The German Thrash Metal band HUMAN PARANOID was founded in autumn 1999 by guitarist Jens and bass-player Onkel, a little later drummer Grobi joined the band. However, finding a suitable singer was much more difficult. Finally – in autumn 2002 – shouter Phil came to complete the line-up. From that day on things developed very well: In spring 2003 they recorded their first demo CD, one year later the second, called PATHOGENES OF WAR . Both were self-made recordings done in just a few days inside the rehearsal room, each featuring six raw and dirty, aggressive and authentic Thrash Metal songs. Thanks to the internet the stuff was spread all over the world and the reactions of either fans or fanzines / webzines were positive or even euphoric; so a couple of songs were played by radio stations for example in Chile, Poland or the Netherlands. In January 2006 the third opus Breed Of Cain was released. Once again a DIYS-production, but this time done with more patience, improved skills and better equipment. It is the first full length CD of the band, it contains 12 songs in about 50 minutes – and the Metal world’s reactions were even better than before. In spring 2008 HUMAN PARANOID decided to dare their first professional recording: The new CD Stillborn Resurrection was produced by Ferdy Doernberg, who pushed the band to the maximum. This 11-track CD was released on May 31th, by now the band is trying to find a suitable label to spread the disease of HUMAN PARANOID all over the world. Although the music of HUMAN PARANOID is influenced by Thrash Metal titans like SLAYER or KREATOR one can say, they created their own style of aggressive old school thrash with a touch of death metal. Most of the lyrics deal with political or social issues, sometimes very straight and simple, sometimes a little more sophisticated. Maybe you can compare them with the lyrics of band like SACRED REICH or NUCLEAR ASSAULT. Nevertheless there is also room for more or less senseless stuff or sometimes even poetry. Up to now the band played a lot of concerts in their region, doing wild and aggressive shows. Hopefully they’ll get some offers to play on more far away locations in the nearer future.

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