HOBO CHANG: World Desecration Plan CD Extreme Metal from the UK. With Don Cornholio on vocals. £0 Free for orders of £15 CHECK audio


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With Don Cornholio on vocals.


Fusing together influences from blues, jazz, reggae and ska, they have created a powerful, earthy sound, transcending conventional categorisation.

With a vibe that is consistent yet constantly evolving, and with them citing influences as diverse as Captain Beefheart, John Coltrane, Billie Holiday and Lee “”Scratch”” Perry (to name but a few) it is no wonder that the Hobo Chang fan base is diverse and ever expanding.

To date notable fans include members of New Model Army, the crew at Sativa Records and the punk poet John Cooper Clarke.

At the helm of this formidable force is front woman Fiona Harmon, who brings uncompromising energy, charisma and raw smoky vocals evocative of greats like Nina Simone. This forceful voice, laid atop of such rich and beautifully crafted songs creates a sound so stunningly diverse that is causes jaws to drop and feet to dance time and time again. As a live act, Hobo Chang are awe-inspiring, captivating crowds at various festivals and sharing line ups with greats such as The Selecter, The Buzzcocks, Da Fugitvz, and legendary punk rockers The Vibrators.

Test Pilot Music Ltd – “”A classic combination of emotions and influences that is so rarely seen in todays market of indie fashion bands and throw-away pop. Hobo Chang fuse some of the most sophisticated elements of popular music together for devastating sonic and emotive effect””

Nat “”NJC”” Clarxon (Sativa Records YT) – “”Hobo Chang a raw and earthy band that captures the real back bone of reggae vibes and fuses it with the wordly sounds of acoustic music, clearly all well seasoned musicians at the top of their game””

Nina Wright – “”Hobo Chang were on top form..they proved themselves with their reggae stylings, they were the perfect summer remedy.””

John Cooper Clarke – “”They’re f***ing great them””

East Anglian Daily Times – “”Pure entertainment””

Electric Roulette – Whilst people dig the sound of Nu-Soul (as it’s probably called… I’m talking about Winehouse et al), then there’s no reason to not enjoy Hobo Chang. There’s a sniff of Bristol about ’em (Portishead, Massive Attack) while still retaining a certain sixtiesness. To be honest, I thought I was gonna hate ’em… but after hearing Eulogy, So Low Blues and finding out they put a John Cooper Clarke poem to music… man, what’s not to like?”

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