HERICANE ALICE: Tear the House Down CD 1990 original first press! L.A., party-glam. BANGALORE CHOIR, ACCEPT members. CHECK VIDEOS


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5.0 out of 5 stars Hericane Alice will Tear the House Down
Buy this album, put it on and you will hear the first 3 tracks Wild young and crazy, Bad to Love, (my favorite) Dream Girl, as you soak these in prepare yourself for Need a Lover, Crank the Heat Up, and a very awesome ballad Too Late. This also includes Badboy Breakout and Shake, Shake, Shout plus Tear the House Down. Don’t miss out on a classic. GET IT NOW!

5.0 out of 5 stars The sound of an era
I’m a sucker for this kind of music. I love hair metal. It’s fun to listen. A little bit of Poison, Warrant, with louder guitars I guess.

5.0 out of 5 stars under rated band
very good album. can not believe they were not big. think they just came around too late. happy to have in my collection

5.0 out of 5 stars Love this band
too bad they didn’t further themselves. ‘Dream Girl’….. ‘Nuff said.

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
Awesome!I liked dream girl a lot.
A very underrated band from the late 80’s, these guys rock. A must have if you dig 80’s hair metal/glam rock.

5.0 out of 5 stars Tear your house down!!!!
Yes this is a hair metal classic with loud guitars and great vocals!!!! Buy it for your ears and peace of mind!!!!!

An L.A., party-glam feel, for the most part. Shades of Bulletboys, TNT, Shotgun Messiah, and some early Babylon A.D. Disc opener “”Wild Young and Crazy”” has a good flow, and “”Badboy Breakout”” is similar sounding. The slower-paced “”Dream Girl””has a big chorus, while “”I Walk Alone”” is also toned-down, with a soaring vocal frame. The ripping title track is a highlight and good chord riffs etch throughout “”Shake, Shake, Shout””.
Awesome album, basically every track has an awesome gang-chorus that’ll stick in your head for weeks. Some killer riffs, with Naumann’s vocals reminding of a cross between Axl Rose and Mark Slaughter. Kind of a mix between some Skid Row and a lot of Slaughter, this is just great sleazy metal… check it out!

Line up: Bruce Naumann, vocals; Ian Mayo, bass; Danny Gill, guitar and Jackie Ramos, drums. Subsequently we will find again Mayo and Ramos in BANGALORE CHOIR (the band of David Reece, for a very while singer of ….ACCEPT) and Gill the guitarist in MEDICINE WHEEL of the former KEEL dude Mark Ferrari.

1. Wild Young and Crazy 2. Bad to Love 3. Dream Girl 4. Tear the House Down 5. Badboy Breakout 6. Need a Lover 7. Too Late 8. Shake, Shake, Shout 9. Crank the Heat Up 10. I Walk Alone

Duration  40:46     (1990/Atlantic)

Danny Gill is a very underrated guitarist. He’s done a lot of instructional videos and books since Hericane Alice broke up. He put out this one DVD where he teaches Randy Rhoads solos, and he nails those solos to a tee..Danny was a M.F. on guitar, one Satriani’s students w/ Vai, & Kirk from Metallica…

Tear the house down indeed! This scene of fantastic music has had its time and place and died a horrible death, but I for one can’t get enough of Hair metal and Glam rock! Okay, so Hericane Alice – Tear the house down This really is a fantastic album, from start to finish. It has everything you’d expect from a an early 90’s band trying to break into the music scene. It’s full of foot stopping riffs, epic and soulful guitar solos and sing along catchy choruses in the hair metal attitude of live fast, party hard and enjoy life! Songs to look out for are “Young Wild And Crazy”, “Tear The House Down”, “Bad Boy Breakout” and “Shake, Shake, Shout” This band didn’t get the recognition they should have, but that’s the same old story with most of these bands from the early 90’s. All in all, it’s full of totally rocking music: If you like your rock with some sleaze and you love to sing along to the words buy this album! You’ll love it!”

Funny enough, when I pop the CD in my player, the name comes up as Herricane Alice. Even Atlantic Records couldn’t get their name right.  Luckily, the music here is better than the name. Singer Bruce Nauman has a vocal style that falls somewhere between KISS’ Paul Stanley and Marq Torien from the Bulletboys. The music wasn’t breaking any new ground. It is fairly typical 80’s pop metal, but it is still very solid.

Tear the House Down is one of the many overlooked records of the 90’s pop metal era. Some of my favorite cuts, are Wild Young and CrazyDream Girl and Need a Lover.

All of you hair metal fans who never had the opportunity to get this disc, pick this up now, last copy from the original first press (25 February 1990)!

Hericane Alice was formed in Minnesota in the 80s under the name Hurricane Alice and later was changed to Hericane to avoid confusion with another band called Hurricane. Atlantic signed them and released their only album, “Tear The House Down”, which to me actually is quite fun with a lot of fist-pumping tracks such as “Wild, Young, and Crazy” or the title-track which instantly became my fave track.

“Bad To Love” and “Shake, Shake, Shout” also have good riffs and raw energy. Another worth-checking-out tracks are “Dream Girl”, a decent tender ballad with good chorus and “Too Late”, catchy verses packed up with big harmony. If you’re looking for a plain good American party band, Hericane Alice won’t disappoint you. Buy it.

“Tear the House down” is the second album by American glam metal band “Hericane Alice” released in 1990. The line up features future “Bangalore Choir” members bassist Ian Mayo and drummer Jackie Ramos along with guitarist Danny Gill and lead singer Bruce Naumann.

“Hericane Alice” bare a similar sound to such late `80s glam metal bands as “Heavens Edge” and “Slaughter”; in particular Naumann sounds very similar to Mark Slaughter, particularly during the more melodic moments on “Tear the house down”. For that matter, “Hericane Alice” attempt to balance the outrageousness of up-beat glam metal with melodic hard rock and to a fair extent they succeed. Songs like “Wild Young and Crazy”, “Bad to Love”, “Tear the house down”, “Shake, Shake, Shout” are riff driven glam metal tunes and somewhat predictable at that.

On the other hand, the more melodic moments like “Badboy Breakout”, “Need a lover”, “Too Late” and the dramatic power-ballad “I walk alone” prove far superior to the rest of the material on “Tear the house down” bringing to front memorable choruses, clever instrumentations and brilliant lead guitar work by Danny Gill.

“Tear Down the House” is a quality glam metal album which should appeal to fans of “Slaughter”, “Heaven’s Edge”, “Vinnie Vincent’s Invasion” and “Bangalore Choir”.

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