HEOL TELWEN: Mor Braz CDr PROMO. Celtic Pagan Metal. Check whole album, every single song


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This album is fire and that’s really saying something coming from me because I’m not the biggest fan of epic black metal
Country of origin: France
Location: Blanc Mesnil, Normandy
Black/Celtic Metal
Lyrical themes: Celtic history, Battles

HEOL TELWEN in the Breton language means Dark Sun. With the rise of the Roman Empire the Celts who had dominated much of Europe were pushed to the periphery. Today Celtic culture is found in the harsh climates of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany. The music of Heol Telwen takes the listener back to the time when the continental Celts fought the Romans against insurmountable odds. It is music of battle and resistance. Coming from this region then it is no surprise that Heol Telwen play a style of music they describe as Celtic Pagan Metal. Celtic Pagan Metal includes awful bands such as Cruachan and Waylander from Ireland and Aes Dana and Bran Barr from France. Heol Telwen began in June 1999 and having gone through the obligatory line up changes have finally unleashed their first recording. The five piece band utilise instruments that give the music a distinct Celtic sound – the Bombarde which is the traditional Breton bagpipes and the Irish Tin Whistle. The CD runs for just over 21 minutes and contains four tracks and starts with a stirring instrumental tune written by the band and played on acoustic instruments. More than just an intro this piece sets the tone for what is to follow and stands by itself as a great tune. The three songs on the CD are well written and arranged with great changes of tempo and emphasis. The guitar parts are played beneath vocals that are scathing and harsh without becoming repetitious. In part of the song ‘Heol Telwen’ a traditional Breton vocal technique is employed similar to that used by the famous Breton rock group Tri Yann. Lyrically the band uses both French and English and the songs cover themes of Breton and Irish pre-christian beliefs. The use of Irish tin whistle in the songs drives the songs to a breakneck frenzy. There is plenty of melody without any keyboards. ‘Mor Braz’ was recorded at Hybrid Studio and the production shows off the bands musical skills to a high degree. If comparison was to be made Heol Telwen are closer in style to Aes Dana and Waylanders first album than to the more melodic sound of Cruachan. It is also more ‘Celtic sounding’ that the last album of the Paris based Celtic Black Metal band Belenos. ‘Mor Braz’ was recorded over two days]

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Label: Not On Label (Heol Telwen Self-released) ‎– none
Format: CDr, EP
Country: France
Sortie: 2003
Genre: Folk, World, Black Metal, Celtic
1 Mor Braz
2 Dahud
3 Enez Glaz
4 Heol Telwen

I’m in love with this album.. Every song is great, and the tin whistle playing is absolutely fantastic. A true gem in my collection ♥

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