HEAVENS CRY: Primal power Addiction CD Canadian prog rockers. Great cover of Midnight Oils “Beds are Burning”. Check videos


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HEAVENS CRY: Primal power Addiction

SAMPLES:  www.allmusic.com/album/primal-power-addiction-mw0000357693
This is the second album from these Canadian prog rockers. Superb vocal harmonies and intense melodies are provided by the three guitarists. Pierre and Sylvain’s vocals blend and merge together effortlessly. The music morphs from rock to funk, reggae to jazz and back to rock again. Yes 2 singers and 3 guitarists forming the heart of this band. The percussion and bass are excellent as well. The songs ebb and flow naturally progressing from one into the other. The vocals are clean and clear. The production is impeccable. There are quiet a lot of thought provoking, intelligent lyrics about worlds and kingdoms and “never taking our dreams away”. The tempo of the album is continuously changing. The versatility of the musicianship is top-notch. “”Komma””, the sixth track is my favorite of the bunch, with a wicked riff starting the song off that continues on slithering like a snake back and forth between strong vocals and powerful drumming. The eighth cut, ‘One of Twentyfour”” contains the best guitar soloing on the recording. The other stand-outs are ALL of the tracks. Creativity and originality burst from each tune like lava shooting from an erupting volcano. The vocals at points are angelic and peaceful, and at others intense and raging. Great cover of Midnight Oil’s “”Beds are Burning”” too. If your into progressive rock, put this recording on your must buy list. Even if your not, give this one a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

Tracklist: 01. 2K Awe Tick 02. Masterdom’s Profit 03. A New Paradigm 04. Divisions 05. A Higher Moral Ground 06. Komma 07. Remembrance 08. One Of Twentyfour 09. Waves 10. The Inner Stream Remains 11. Beds are burning (Midnight Oil’ cover song)

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