HEARTSCORE: Sculptures CD Led Zeppelin, Queen, Yes. Virtual Art-Rock-Project AND poems of well-known American poets. Check SAMPLES


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This album contains material that has influences from rock, pop, wave, progressive.
Guitars tend to be riffy, vocals pretty often sound weird, with strange vocal bends that
regularly remind me of the earlier solo works of Godley & Creme (squeaky voices, as well as near angelic harmonies). As the album moves the tracks tend to sound more sparse, with dominant guitar riffing, at times bordering on hard rock, and the vocals sounding more and more shrill, as well as insecure. The straight guitar dominated sound supported by non too challenging bass and drum can wear out pretty soon. Whereas this might be compensated for by the interesting and somewhat weird vocals, the insecurity and wavering quality, at times bordering on hysteria (like The Cure’s Robert Smith after going Really over the edge), completely nullifies this possible effect. The result is an album that sounds more absent minded, abstract even, than it does sound experimental

Recommended if you like:  Dream Theater, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Yes

1) Men Treats Woman 4.03
2) Blue Bayou4.28
3) All I Want Is You5.00
4) When Sue Wears Red2.42
5) Aunt Sue’s Stories6.06
6) The Saddest Noise, The Sweetest Noise5.20
7) Judgement Day 2.50
8) Little Julie3.07
9) What If 4.14
10)John Evereldown

Heartscore is a two-man “”virtual band”” (to use the group’s own terminology) from Germany. A 10-song disk in the style of 70’s so-called art rock, this album presents a lot to love. Vocalist Oliver Hartstack reminds me a little of Peter Hammill from Van Der Graaf Generator, while Dirk Radloff’s vocals sound a lot like Ric Ocasek from The Cars crossed with Roger Waters from Pink Floyd. The music is complex from the viewpoint of rock and roll — that is, this is by no means conventional rock music, but not symphonic either. Expect interesting performances, despite its basic guitar-drums-bass core — with simple, yet sharp, production. Guitarist Dirk Radloff can roast the score when he lets loose, while the core rhythm engine of Dirk Radloff on bass and — you guessed it — Dirk Radloff on drums keeps the proceedings on an even keel. This is one cool album.

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