HEART: Never 7″ + These Dreams (7″ beautiful gatefold with killer pictures). Check videos


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HEART: Never 7″ + These Dreams (7″ beautiful gatefold with killer pictures, especially on the inside of the gatefold)

Both ‘Never’ and ‘These dreams’ were released as singles in 1985, but this double A-side was released in the UK in a limited edition gatefold sleeve edition in 1988.

“Never” was released as the second single from the bands self-titled 1985 album Heart. The song is an aggressive rock number with an uplifting lyric to a person who has been discouraged by love. Like their previous single “What About Love”, the music video for “Never” was placed in heavy rotation on MTV.
“Never” became Hearts biggest U.S. hit at the time, peaking at number four on the Billboard Hot 100. It marked the first time that Heart earned two consecutive top-ten hits, and also the first time a Heart album generated two top-ten singles.
The songs’ harmonic chorus highlights not only Ann Wilson’s powerhouse vocal talent but also the vocal stamina of sister Nancy, who maintains a soprano harmony throughout the course of the song.

This was written by Holly Knight, Gene Black, and the Wilson sisters of Heart, Ann and Nancy. Knight and Black were in a band called Device also wrote Rod Stewart’s hit “Love Touch.”

“Never” is an empowerment song with a very vague story-line but a seriously catchy chorus. The song builds in the pre-chorus “We can’t go on… just running away” before landing on the chorus, where the title is repeated four times:
Never run away

It’s simple but effective, and it gave Heart a huge hit.
Heart was dropped by Epic Records after their 1983 album Passionworks. They signed with Capitol, which teamed them with producer Ron Nevison and insisted they use songs written by outside writers. The plan worked. The Heart album contained three Top 10 hits: “What About Love,” “Never” and “These Dreams.”

In a Songfacts interview with Nevison, he explained: “They had done an album called Passionworks, and it didn’t live up to Epic’s expectations. It just didn’t have the grit that it needed, so, they dropped them. That’s when they got a new manager, Trudy Green, they got a new producer, me, and a new A&R guy at the record company, Don Grierson. And Don told them, ‘I’ll sign you if we can mutually agree on the producer, and mutually agree on the songs.’ That meant that they had to be open to co-writing and outside songs. And I came up with a couple of songs, and Don came up with a song or two, Holly Knight wrote with the girls, and we upped the quality of the songwriting. That’s exactly what they needed. They weren’t that happy with the fact that they weren’t the writers – their egos were bruised by it. But that’s kind of what happens.”

The music video got a lot of airplay on MTV and gave the song a huge boost. Directed by Marty Callner, it’s a straightforward performance video, but very heavy on Nancy Wilson, even though she wasn’t the singer. Nancy was deemed the more photogenic of the sisters and featured more heavily in most of their videos of this era. It was a very successful time for the group, but a frustrating one as well because they didn’t have the control they were used to.

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