HARVEST: Living With A God Complex CD RARE. Real hardcore.


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Minneapolis hardcore with Hard, slow and brutal guitars and drums with sick vocals like you’ve never heard before. Dave Walker has got the most insane shouted throaty style I’ve ever heard in my entire life. He has obviously no respect for his vocal chords at all, period. Musically this is in heavy brooding metallic territory, a bit like Undertow and Threadbare, And just a little bit of Integrity. Reading between the lines, this band is obviously straight edge, but the point is that they don’t just bang on about how straight edge they are, which is often my biggest bone of contention with straight edge bands. We’re talking deep and meaningful lyrics here folks. The band
definitely makes their mark as positive, self-relying, free thinkers without overdoing the hard, chunky sound in the music


Harvest Living With A God Complex
Label: Trustkill Records TK10
Format: CD
Country: US
Released: 1997
Genre: Math Rock, Hardcore
1 Denounce 2:17
2 Maroon 3:48
3 Lament 3:19
4 Covenant 3:55
5 Hourglass 1:34
6 Flood 3:50
7 Ahimsa 2:59
8 Virtue 3:36
9 Tribunal 3:35
10 101 4:19
Recorded December 1996 through January 1997 in Minneapolis, MN.

5.0 out of 5 stars Real Hardcore for real people,
What can I even say about this album? It left me speechless, ever since I heard “Denounce” on a Victory records compilation I have been searching far and wide to get my hands on this album. Harvest absolutely blows me away, and it is a great album to listen to whether you are in the car or alone in your room practising floor punches and windmills. It is a shame they had to break up, so don’t expect any follow ups, but this is a must have for any true hardcore fan. I know my CD collection couldn’t be complete without it, neither should yours!

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