Han Jin Oakland: I will kill you CD PROMO in DVD case. Modern sounding German Heavy Metal. Check audio, check video of the product


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Country of origin: Germany
Location: Herzogenrath, North Rhine-Westphalia

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Han Jin Oakland
I Will Kill You, self produced, 2003
Christoph Jungen: Lead Vocals, Guitars
Christoph Pelzer: Vocals & more
Marco Dohmen: Bass
Alex Sprave: Drums, Guitars
Length: 68 Min 15 Seconds
Medium: CD

1. I Will Kill You 04:37
2. The Devout People 04:49
3. The Very Last Breath 05:45
4. Don’t Blow Your Life Away 04:36
5. Swear 05:07
6. Love’s Gone Forever 05:46
7. Show Me Heaven 04:50
8. Live Wire 04:25
9. Children of the Damned 05:00
10. Love 07:28
11. Suicide Girl 06:18
12. Black Soul 04:06
13. Real Life 06:40

Even the unusual presentation in a black DVD case deserves attention. Well, it doesn’t necessarily fit into the standard CD racks in terms of size and shape. But there will be a good place between my music DVDs.
“I Will Kill You” promises rock hard stuff and right away the opener, which sounds anything but slow-paced, points more in the direction of Metal. Stylistically, I Will Kill You reminds me a bit of ZILCH (to be honest, dear Joachim, who knows Mr. Zilch?). But with his skilful and rough guitar boards a la Satriani, Han Jin Oakland ZILCH easily beats the wall.
Echoes METALLICA ring out on The Devout People. At least the drums and vocals sound a bit like the Metal heroes.
The Very Last Breath also lures incorrigible romantics to the speakers. A complex and impressive melodic rock ballad. There’s even something PINK FLOYD about the chorus and fabulous guitar solo. That’s a class song.
With Don’t Blow Your Life Away, HAN JIN shifts the tempo up a few gears again, without falling into unimaginative BOARDS-ON-THE-GO METAL. Stylistically, the song can certainly be assigned more to Progressive Metal. The guitars sound strong again. Also interesting how HAN JIN plays with the tempo and rhythm.
After the also strong and very brute Swear and Love’s Gone Forever (what great guitar arrangements) it gets CUDDLY ROCKING again on Show Me Heaven. The subtle ballad surprises with a fat acoustic guitar and a furious e-guitar solo. But Live Wire immediately nips any hint of romance in the bud. The song delivers the most violent rock attacks. It seems as if QUEEN OF THE STONE AGE met Billy Idol here, when he was still a Rock’n Roller.
Children Of The Damned could also come from an earlier METALLICA album. This is mainly due to the amazingly similar vocal style. However, the guitars sound much more imaginative and better than the big model.
Love is miles away from METAL. Crystal clear and wonderfully melodic AOR with magnificent guitars fills the room.
The last three songs, Suicide Girl, Black Soul and Real Life, were recorded 8 years ago in a different recording studio. You can hear the difference to the first ten songs. Classic Heavy Metal, which looks for its role models in BLACK SABBATH, sounds with half dynamics.
With his debut “I Will Kill You”, HAN JIN OAKLAND shows how varied and instrumentally first class Heavy Metal can sound. Aside from the usual Metal suspects, there are plenty of influences from AOR, Jazz Rock and even a bit of Classic Rock.
An excellent complete work that doesn’t need to hide behind big names and comes up with great guitar sounds.
Sound and production are (except for songs 11-13) very good.
Note d. Red.: And you can buy the noble piece for a measly 6.66 euros