GYPSY ROSE: Prey LP 1990, US Hard Rock was signed to KISS mastermind Gene Simmons record label. CHECK VIDEO


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10 track album label: Simmons/RCA Records 1990 pressing: german style: US Hardrock

Track Listings

1. Poisoned by Love

2. Crawlin’ 3. Borderline 4. Blood ‘N’ Sweat 5. Love Me or Leave Me 6. Make Me Do Anything You Want  7. Shiver and Shake CHECK AUDIO SAMPLE: OR   8. Wild Reaction 9. Don’t Turn Your Back on Me Now 10. Highway-One-Way

Micheal Ross lead vocals
Brian Joyce lead and rhythm guitars, background vocals
Micheal Vaughn bass, background vocals
Steve Thomas drums, background vocals [from Shooting Star]
Craig Van Gaver lead and rhythm guitars, keyboards, background vocals

5.0 out of 5 stars gypsy rock!!
This is a great LP,songs like make me do anything you want will have you singing along,and air guitaring. Blood ‘n’ sweat and wild reaction. All the songs are good.It reminds me of sweet cheater in that same vein,but they
write really catchy songs and instead being repetitive.It’s worth having in your collection.
Gypsy Rose was a short-lived Canadian hard rock act that was signed to KISS mastermind Gene Simmons’ record label back in the late 1980’s. Simmons and/or his underlings micromanaged this band to death, forcing them to fire half of its line up and discarded several of the songs they had already written for their debut album. Gypsy Rose and House of Lords had at least that much in common.
The band finally released their debut album – Prey – in 1990, and for all of the interference it was still a remarkably solid hard rock album very much in a Cinderella/Britny Fox vein. It’s a fairly straightforward hair metal album with a slightly bluesy undertone. The lyrics rely on the same old booze and sex cliches. All told, it’s a perfectly decent album. I don’t know what it is about Canadian rock bands in the late 80’s and early 90’s, but you could always count on them to deliver high quality hard rock albums.
Despite the moderate success of lead-off single Poisoned By Love, the album never really took off, and would prove to be the band’s only release. Prey is well worth checking out if you’re a fan of late 80’s/early 90’s hard rock, particularly of the Canadian variety.
Excellent band; unforgettable memories of my youth, brilliant songs, rock ‘n’ roll at it’s best! For Hard rock fans, this is a ‘MUST HAVE’ album :-))
This LP is great!! Pick it up.
Got to admit I actually really like this LP.’Poisoned by love’ is an obvious gem of an anthem,’Borderline’ is one of my favourite hard melodic rock moments of all time… speaking of anthems! ‘Blood and sweat’ is a crucial ballad in my books – excellent, ‘Love me or leave me’ and ‘Make me do anything you want'(Who said Bon Jovi?!) are great commercial hard rockers. ‘Shiver then shake’ and ‘Wild reaction’ have their moments, ‘Don’t turn your back on me now’ is another great ballad! Love it!
I haven’t heard of this band before. I chanced to hear Poisened by Love today. It totally blow my heart away. I’m junping with joy to know this fantastic band. I’ll be up all night listening to this LP today.
1st LP just F**ckign Rocks. I bought it way back in 1990 and have been playing it ever since.
Its really awesome. I f…ing love it. This albums delivers and rock. What a wonderful surprise this album. 9/10
Another good one I had on cassette. Just recently got my hands on an LP. “”Don’t turn your back on me now”” is a kick ass ballad. That song alone is worth buying the album, IMO. In fact, that song was why I wanted to replace it. The rest of the songs hold up pretty well. It’s just feel good rock and roll, not a symphony,so it does its job.
Still one of my favourite bands.
This is freakin AWESOME I love it! put it on in the CAR and WHACK IT UP, Poisoned by Love, Boarderline, Love Me or Leave Me, and Make Me Do anything You Want are my fav’s TOTALLY blown away my ear’s hahahahah!…KEEP ROCKIN ALL!!!
If you love the style of bands like Heavens Edge, Melidian, Marchello or Saint & Sinners then is this a must have for you!!! This LP I would never give away… great voice, great songs and very good production. Buy it if you find!!! 95/100
A really exciting release!!!…highly recommendable!!! …Melodic Metal???..for it sounds more into the Hard Rock/Glam territory with,yes,some hints of Metal..anyway the tracks i liked the most were “”Poisoned By Love””,””Borderline”” (both excellent songs),””Love Me Or Leave Me””( ),””Make Me Do Anything You Want”” (catchy),””Wild Reaction””(beautiful ballad)& “”Don’t Turn Your Back On Me Now”” ( )…good vocalist(Mr Ross) and great musicianship…thumbs up guys!!!.95/100

…sorry guys i made a mistake…””Don’t Turn Your Back On Me Now”” is a beautiful ballad and “”Highway-One-Way”” rocks!!!… …still the same rate..95/100
one day in 1990 i have heard at radio “”poisoned by love””. it was a little miracle cause radios never plays hard melodic rock from unknown bands like gypsy rose. I decide to buy this and I was not disappointed. even now I still have a real pleasure to listen this gem. this album is varied and excellent. two emotional beautiful ballads,two super mid tempo and six exceptional hard rock songs. unfortunately no Japan import for this marvellous record.
amazing hair metal release back in 90 by those Canadian rockers!needs some spins and you realize that this is top notch commercial hard rock music ,with many hooks ,nice vibe and great vocals by Michael Ross!all the songs are great and especially the hit “”poisoned by love””,the anthemic “”borderline”” and “”love me or leave me”” and the sensational””blood n sweat”” excellent release indeed!”

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