GURD: Encounter CD Machine Head, Pantera, Testament, neo-thrash bands groovy, heavy, aggressive, melodic. CHECK VIDEOS


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Song listing:
1. Razorblade 2. Can’t Take Back 3. Mayday 4. A New War 5. Older But Wiser 6. Control 7. Decision 8. Strive 9. Fangs 10. Club Of Lies 11. Obey 12. Believe In Nothing 13. My Demons Playing time: 50.53

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Three years passed since Gurd released their last album “Bedlam”. They have now departed from Century Media Records and signed a new deal with the Danish label Diehard Music. This Swiss band was born in 1994 and rose from the ashes of the well known power-thrash outfit Poltergeist. While Poltergeist were firmly rooted in the early German thrash metal Gurd became more and more influenced with more modern sounds and their music probably appeals more to fans of Machine Head, Pantera and the growing league of neo-thrash bands. The music is groovy, heavy, aggressive yet melodic and structured and it is obvious that these guys know what they are doing. Just listen to the wonderful guitar solo on the final track “My Demons”. Apart from this song you will not find a lot of guitar solos on this album although there are some more and they are all good. Instead the music is straight-forward and razor sharp most of the time. This is not unique in any way but Gurd do what they do very well. If groovy power-thrash and bands like Testament, Pantera and Machine Head is your think then Gurd is for you. They are definitely one of the better lesser known bands of the genre.