Greg Rapaport: Wyrd CD Virtuoso Hard Rock / Metal guitarist. Check samples


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“The integration of the different elements that Rapaport pulls together are striking because they pull from genres that are typically viewed as segragated. But, this is part of what impresses me about Rapaports vision because he has a lack of inhibition for boundaries imposed by conventional thinking.”
-Chris Ruel, Eclectic Earwig Reviews

“…another fine release from a guy who deserves wider recognition. I’ve said it before and Ill say it again: Intelligent music? Check. Intelligent player? Check. One last question: Why does Rapaport still not have the support of a label?”
– Mike Popke, Sea of Tranquility “Crunchy Funk Metal Fusion Shred!

Too many different tags? Nope its all here. And its all good. This CD has everything from Technical Shred solos to Ominous sounding Epics…Full of great musical ideas and the technical skills to pull off the tricky twists and turns of his compositions.”

“Rapaport has no problems taking jazzy chord progressions and soloing over them with ferocious, no-holds-barred metal/shred licks…the material leaves no doubt you are listening to a more-than-proficient guitarist with some great ideas.”
-Guitar Nine Records

“…one of the most intriguing and refreshing instrumental releases in recent memory, one that could finally launch Rapaport into (inter)national acclaim.” (Jedd Beaudoin)


Song Title Time
1. 11th Portal 5:57
2. Mahdah 4:32
3. The Unconscience 6:20
4. Bugjuice 4:32
5. Trust 5:06
6. Diminished Returns 4:19
7. Powderburn 5:32
8. Slik 3:56
9. Darkmatter 4:36

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