GPS: Window to the soul CD Enhanced PROMO INSIDE OUT. (Downes, Wetton, Howe, Palmer) the ASIA line-up. Top prog / A.O.R. Check audio


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Audio CD (28 Aug 2006)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Enhanced
Label: INSIDE OUT promo

Track Listings
1. Window to the Soul
2. New Jersalem
3. Heaven Can Wait
4. Written in the Wind
5. I Believe in Yesterday
6. The Objector
7. All My Life
8. Gold
9. Since You’ve Been Gone
10. Taken Dreams


5.0 out of 5 stars Surprising
Effectively, the last line-up of ASIA without Geoff Downes, who has rejoined Wetton, Howe and Palmer in a reunion of the original line up.

They are joined by Spock’s Beard’s keyboard player for this prog-rock romp. As always, the lyrics are a bit cheesy, but the music itself is much more interesting than the ASIA albums of the last ten years. While lacking the key changes of “”prog”” rock, folk who enjoy so-called “”Neo”” Prog (Marillion, Pendragon, Jadis, etc) might get kick out this.

An excellent album. Maybe Downes did them (And us) a favour by leaving. We get GPS and also the original Asia lineup.
5.0 out of 5 stars Ex-Asia men make good prog album
When Geoff Downes decided to get together with the original Asia lineup of Carl Palmer, Steve Howe and John Wetton for their 25th Anniversary, that must have “”annoyed”” his existing Asia band mates. The remaining members quickly put together a new outfit called GPS, with Spock’s Beard Ryo Okumoto taking on keyboard duties. The results are surprisingly good and probably better than a Downes based Asia could have ever produced.

It is clear that John Paynes is a solid and gifted songwriter. But the real punch behind this album is the two-pronged attack of guitarist Guthrie Govan and the keys of Ryo. There is plenty of room on the album for both to stretch out and they do wonderfully. Guthrie is a real find. Excellent playing and soloing. Ryo is well know for his ability with Spocks Beard and his Hammond, synth and mellotron playing really adds lots of shade and colouring to each song.

Asia were never a prog band. More a melodic rock/pop band played by ex-prog musicians. But GPS are a different beast altogether. Melodic yes, but enough solid and imaginative instrumental prowess to keep any prog rocker pleased. Maybe Downes has done the boys a favour in the long run!
5.0 out of 5 stars ASIA BUT NOT ASIA…
I am pleased to be the first person to review GPS.
I’ve been a HUGE fan of all the John Payne era ASIA music. (Never really a fan of the Wetton era ASIA music.) Imagine my surprise and disgust when it appeared on the Asia website several months ago that ARCHITECT OF TIME had been shelved. Seemed the original Asia had been reformed. Maybe that’s good for so many Asia fans, but it was not good for me. I feel in love with John Payne’s voice on AQUA and have been in love with it ever since. Mr. Payne’s singing is dynamic, fresh, powerful.

Ever since word surfaced about the forming of GPS, I’ve been on pins and needles to get their debut CD. But in a way it’s not really a debut, is it, as these musical geniuses have been around a long time and involved with Asia. GPS has been the only CD in my CD player for over a week now and I’m sure it will remain in there for some time to come. Simply put… it’s brilliant. It’s amazing. In my opinion, it’s bound to be bigger than Asia!

WINDOW TO THE SOUL: From the beginning of the song (with John Payne’s altered voice slowly evolving into his real voice) this is a powerful song. Very emotional.

NEW JERUSALEM: This is one of the best songs on the CD. The message is powerful, emotional, and so fitting for the world today. WE CAN MAKE THIS KINGDOM COME NOT BY SWORD, NOT BY GUN. Could easily have been an Asia song. 8 minutes long, this is a true power ballad.

HEAVEN CAN WAIT: Another excellent song on the CD for sure. So Asia-like. It reminds of TIME TO GO HOME from Aura. John Payne and crew are music writing geniuses.

WRITTEN ON THE WIND: From the opening chords, this one gives you chills. Over six minutes long, the lyrics and the music are powerful. Probably the best song on the CD by far.

I BELIEVE IN YESTERDAY: Doesn’t sound Asia-ish to me at all. Probably a GPS original. Fantastic.

THE OBJECTOR: If there is a song on the album I like the least, this is it. But hey, there has to a favorite song and a least favorite song on every CD, right? Still enjoyable, though, possibly Asia-ish.

ALL MY LIFE: What can I say about this beauty other than the musical portions are touching and John’s voice is amazing?

GOLD: I would guess this is a song that evolved from ARCHITECTS OF TIME. Very powerful, excellent lyrics, excellent harmony.

SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE: Definitely one that reminds me of John Payne era Asia songs. This song helps take away the sting that Payne and Downes are no longer creating genius music together.

TAKEN DREAMS: An excellent ending to the this CD. Another power ballad, definitely not Asia.

As a fan, I can’t help but to compare these songs to Asia. After all, Johne Payne and Asia created 5 gorgeous albums together. But John Payne IS Asia, so of course his follow-up band will be compared. But GPS can stand on it’s own with or without comparisions. Nearly all of the songs are 5 minutes or longer and each one of them are power ballads in their own right. This is an ambitious album, and I only hope that John can step out of the shadow of Asia and make GPS into another superstar band.

Nowhere on this album am I disappointed. Every time I listen to it, I hear something new and exciting. These men have a strong future in store for them.

(My only question is… I read one review else where that said some of these songs had been carried over from ARCHITECTS OF TIME. Wow, I want to know which songs!)
5.0 out of 5 stars Progressive
Well this is quite an excellent album, as he was a member of Asia for a number of albums, then Asia featuring John Payne, there is a little Pink Floyd and a touch of Yes thrown in for good measure excellent sounds , he has always too had a great voice highly recommended even for fans of Asia
5.0 out of 5 stars Superb. Simply, superb.
This is an album of such great melodies. Strong from beginning to end, you will want to play it over and over. Superb playing, amazing vocals. Everything here is top class.”

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