GOD DETHRONED: Into the Lungs of Hell CD PROMO death metal. Check samples HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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The songs this time have a more “”realistic”” view on the world instead of the  stories the band came up with on the previous albums. Sometimes it was just necessary, because for example the song “”Slaughtering the Faithful”” is dealing with the bio-industry and the way we treat animals. It was pretty shocking to read my own lyrics again just after I wrote it. We decided to explain some things here and there to avoid misunderstandings because people would think we were singing about concentration camps and shit like that, main man Henri Sattler comments.

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“”Into the Lungs of Hell”” – 5:13
“”The Warcult”” – 4:15
“”Enemy of the State”” – 3:16
“”Soul Sweeper”” – 4:40
“”Slaughtering the Faithful”” – 3:12
“”Subliminal”” – 5:45
“”The Tombstone”” – 4:50
“”Gods of Terror”” – 6:02

5.0 out of 5 stars Top notch death metal!!,
This is easily the best death metal album i’ve heard in a long time. It has everything that makes death metal great-incredible speed, heaviness and technical musicianship. It has slow, atmospheric bits too, like the demonic title track. 2nd track ‘the warcult’ starts with slow guitar harmonies then explodes into death metal mayhem. Generally i’m not too keen on the death metal vocal style, but the menacing growls and roars work perfectly on this album. The musicianship of this band is absolutely first rate-the drumming really has to be heard to be believed. Arien can easily compete with the likes of the mighty Pete Sandoval, and plays the fastest blast beats I’ve ever heard.
The guitars and bass are low and heavy, without being too heavy to slur all the notes into an indecipherable noise. This expanded edition has loads of live tracks and some videos as well, which show that the band’s appeal doesn’t just come from the production. All in all, this album deserves to be heralded as a classic of the genre. Buy it now.

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