Glenn HUGHES: Return of Crystal Karma 2CD Signed, Autographed + Live in South America (Bonus CD) Check video+all samples


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Return Of Crystal Karma = Studio album by Glenn Hughes
Released:19 June 2000
Genre: Hard rock Funk
Label: SPV(Europe)
Producer Glenn Hughes, Michael Scott



Return Of Crystal Karma(often abbreviated to R.O.C.K.) is a studio album by former Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Trapeze vocalist/ bassist Glenn Hughes. The album was released in 2000 on SPV

Return Of Crystal Karma is Hughes seventh solo studio album, his sixth since 1992. The album has a similar bass driven funk sound to 1999s The Way It Is, although R.O.C.K. has a slightly more serious tone.
R.O.C.K. was performed by a set band throughout the album, unlike many of Hughes previous albums which had featured multiple musicians and guests. Regular guitarist JJ Marsh makes his third appearance on a Glenn Hughes album and co-wrote many of the tracks. The rest of the band is made up of keyboardist Hans Zermüehlen, Hughes regular drummer of the period Gary Ferguson and Lol Tolhurst (former member of The Cure) who contributed some electronica parts.
One of the tracks featured on the album is a song called Gone which was written by Hughes and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath for their abandoned 1996 album project. At the point of R.O.C.K.s release Hughes considered it unlikely that those sessions would be released due to their prolific bootlegging. However Iommi decided to release them in 2004 as The 1996 DEP Sessions, Gone also features there.
The instrumental track Owed To J is named in reference to the instrumental Owed To G, which featured on the Deep Purple album Come Taste the Band. The “J” is Jeff Beck, and the song is very influenced by Beck. The “G” is Gershwin.
Hughes decided to give himself the moniker Funk Man in the writing credits for the songs. This is the only occasion where he has referred to himself as such.
This is the double CD version which includes Live in South America, which was recorded in São Paulo on November 25th 1999. The live disc includes two songs from The Way It Is, two from the Hughes/Thrall album, a Trapeze track and No Stranger to Love, which was taken from the 1986 Black Sabbath album Seventh Star.

“The State I’m In” 4:58 (Hughes, Marsh)
“Midnight Meditated” 4:27 (Hughes, Marsh)
“Its Alright” 4:31 (Hughes, Marsh)
“Switch The Mojo” 4:33 (Hughes, Marsh)
“Gone” 5:51 (Hughes, Iommi)
“The Other Side Of Me” 3:50 (Hughes, Zermüehlen)
“Angela” 5:57 (Hughes, Zermüehlen)
“Owed To J” 5:58 (Ferguson, Hughes, Marsh, Zermuehlen)
“This Life” 4:52 (Hughes, Zermüehlen)
“Days Of Avalon” 5:58 (Hughes, Marsh)

===> Live in South America (Bonus CD)
“You Kill Me” 4:38 (Hughes, Sales)
“Neverafter” 6:46 (Hughes, Marsh)
“First Step Of Love” 6:12 (Hughes, Thrall)
“No Stranger To Love” 8:06 (Hughes, Iommi)
“Coast To Coast” 10:23 (Hughes)
“Your Love Is Alright” 9:40 (Galley, Holland, Hughes)

Glenn Hughes Vocals/ Bass
JJ Marsh Guitars
Gary Ferguson Drums on R.O.C.K.
Hans Zermüehlen Keyboards
Lol Tolhurst Electronica on R.O.C.K.
Bob Harsen Drums on Live In South America

As with any Glen Hughes release, R.O.C.K showcases the talent and range of “The Voice of Rock.” Glenn sings like theres no tomorrow on this record.
Fans of great singing, solid songwriting and rippin’ tunes NEED to pick this up.
As an added bonus you get an extra CD, Glenn Hughes – Live In South America.


this is a 21 century album indeed.Hughes never sounded so updated than on this record. A modern rock made by the one of best singer from seventies.


This recording was from a concert in Sao Paulo,Brazil,showing where is the best audience in the world. Glenn kicks ass!This is music!


A modern and very heavy rock from master Hughes. I was surprised with The State Im In, an Gone… Wow!!! Close to Iommi/HUGHES projects. And second cd kicks ass, indeed…


“The state i’m in” is a wonderful song.for me the best track in the album.Don’t know why he doesn’t play it live.


Listening this release once again … Well first of all Glenn Hughes is a KNIGHT of Rock Music undoubtedly. My faves in here are the bombastic opener “The State I’m In”,”Midnight Meditated”,”Switch The Mojo” & “The Other Side Of Me”(very good song!)…the Bonus CD is a live one recorded while touring in South America back in the day…fantastic album…96/100

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