Glenn HUGHES: Burning Japan Live CD Japanese Original. 15 songs 7 Deep Purple covers. Signed, Autographed


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(Japanese import with OBI, additional inner, etc.)
Vocalist/bass guitarist/songwriter Glenn Hughes [Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Trapeze] is a true original. No other rock musician has carved such a distinctive style blending the finest elements of hard rock, soul and funk. That astonishing voice is Hughes’ calling card. Hes known as a singers singer.

SAMPLES Burning Japan Live ~ Glenn Hughes :

Burning Japan Live
Released: August 31, 1994
Genre: Rock Hard, rock, AOR
Length: 75:43
Label: Zero Corporation (Japanese import with OBI, additional inner, etc.)
Producer: Glenn Hughes

Burning Japan Live is a live album by former Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Trapeze vocalist/ bassist Glenn Hughes. It was recorded at the Club Chitta’ in Kawasaki city, Japan on Tuesday the 24th of May and Wednesday the 25th of May 1994 in support of the studio album From Now On….

This was the first official live solo album to be released by Hughes. It features a set-list of fifteen songs:
4 from his 1994 solo album From Now On…,
3 songs from the Hughes/Thrall album
7 seven Deep Purple.
It also features a never before heard song entitled Still In Love With You, on which Hughes plays keyboards.

Hughes band for the concerts was the same as the band that played on From Now On…, including Europe members Mic Michaeli, John Levén and Ian Haugland (who only performed on the bonus tracks from From Now On…).

Track listing:
“Burn” 6:44 (Blackmore, Coverdale, Lord, Paice)
“The Liar” 4:39 (Beauvoir, Hughes)
“Muscle And Blood” 5:48 (Hughes, Thrall)
“Lay My Body Down” 5:08 (Hughes, Larsson)
“From Now On…” 6:08 (Hughes)
“Into The Void” 7:13 (Bojfeldt, Hughes, Michaeli)
“Still In Love With You” 2:10 (Hughes)
“Coast To Coast” 6:52 (Hughes)
“This Time Around” 3:32 (Hughes, Lord)
“Owed To G” 2:53 (Bolin)
“Gettin’ Tighter” 3:59 (Bolin, Hughes)
“You Keep On Moving” 7:25 (Coverdale, Hughes)
“Lady Double Dealer” 3:45 (Blackmore, Coverdale)
“I Got Your Number” 4:17 (Hughes, Thrall)
“Stormbringer” 5:10 (Blackmore, Coverdale)

The band:
Glenn Hughes Vocals/ Keyboards on track 7
Thomas Larsson Guitars/ Backing Vocals With Six Feet Under: Six Feet Under (1983) + Eruption (1984).
With Baltimoore: There’s no Danger on the Roof (1989) + Original Sin (2000) + The Best of Baltimoore (2001) +Ultimate Tribute (2003) + X (2006)
With Yeah Bop Station:Upfront (1990)
With Glenn Hughes: From Now On… (1994) + Burning Japan Live (1994)
Solo releases: Freeride (1996 / 2000) + Harmonic Passion (2006)
Eric Bojfeldt Guitars/ Backing Vocals       With Glenn Hughes: Burning Japan Live, Different Stages, From Now On…
John Levén Bass
Ian Haugland Drums                                     With Europe: 15 albums!
Mic Michaeli Keyboards/ Backing Vocals With Europe: 15 albums! With Brazen Abbot: 4 albums

5.0 out of 5 stars Is 5 stars enough,
From the opening track I was hooked! Unbelievable. This CD has taken up residence in my car player. Much to my kids’ disgust! The ex purple tracks “Burn”, “Stormbringer”, “Lady Double Dealer”, “Gettin’ Tighter” make me wonder WHO was the voice of DP. But when you mix in the likes of “Into the Void” and “Coast to Coast”. You have one unbelievable album. Recorded over two nights in 1994, makes you wonder if their are any more tracks in the archive somewhere?
5.0 out of 5 stars The True Voice Of Rock,
I have been fortunate enough to follow Glenn’s music in its many styles and stages. One thing that is always true about Glenn is his remarkable rane as a singer and his feel for the vibe of the music. This album is a true example of that range and vibe. The energy and flow of the album along with the song selection (and performance) makes it my pick for album of the year. No matter if the boy can sing the blues or sing Stevie Wonder remakes no singer takes you into the void the way Glenn does. Despite having 38 albums that feature Glenn’s vocals, this along with Feel always top my play list.
5.0 out of 5 stars Just get it ….
When Gillan and Glover left Deep Purple Mark II, the remaining three components wondered whether to hire Glenn Hughes both as the bass player and the lead singer. Books say that they were not convinced, and so they got David Coverdale too. When I first discovered this, I thought they were right and that Glenn couldn’t do it alone. After listening to this CD I changed my mind ….
5.0 out of 5 stars God of Voice in top form,
This is a sort of best-of live featuring Deep Purple tracks, solo stuff, and one song from Hughes/Thrall. Backed by a hard rock band of Northern European session men, here Hughes is in fine form, playing songs you know with conviction. He doesn’t quite out-yowl Ian Gillan and the Robert Plant wannabe photo on the back cover is a bit much, but this is GREAT live rock and roll.
(Japanese import with OBI, additional inner, etc.)

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