GLAM METAL DETECTIVES Everybody up! CD single 1995. plus great “Crazy Horses” cover. Check video and audio


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Glam Metal Detectives   Everybody Up!
Label: ZTT   ZANG 62 CD
Format: CD, Maxi-Single
Country: UK
Released: 1995
Genre: Electronic
Style: Synth-pop
01 Everybody Up! 2:42
02 Crazy Horses 3:49
03 Everybody Up! (Show Version) 3:04
04 Everybody Up! (Funk And Justice Mix)5:27 Remix Ian Rich

Producer Trelvis Hornsley*

Soundtrack from a British TV comedy

The Glam Metal Detectives is a comedy show produced by the BBC in 1995. Shown on BBC2 on Thursday nights at 9pm, it combined both sketch and sitcom elements,
As with other shows launched in this timeslot, The Glam Metal Detectives attempted to innovate and combine genres, resulting in an off-the-wall mix of the sublime and the surreal which broke new ground with its ‘multimedia’ approach. The show consists of a single series of seven episodes.
The scripts were written by the cast, and director Peter Richardson, and the series starred Gary Beadle, Phil Cornwell, Doon Mackichan (playing most of the female roles), Sara Stockbridge, George Yiasoumi, and Mark Caven.
The show was designed to appear as if the viewer was channel surfing through a multi-channel wasteland, happening upon spoof adverts, short sketches, and recurring show elements. Like other BBC content of the mid-1990s (such as KYTV), it often lampooned the low-budget quality of satellite television available in the UK at the time.

The Glam Metal Detectives themselves. A rock group charged with the mission of “saving the planets ecology with your top-hit records”, they would fight the evil media mogul Royston Brocade in between gigs. This segment combined elements of the cultish, kitsch and televisual trash in an unpredictable manner.

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