GIRL: Wasted Youth LP PROMO 1982!!! cover is really beaten up, vinyl in very good condition. Collen (DEF LEPPARD) and Phil Lewis (L.A Guns singer). check audio and videos.


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Oddly resurrecting an apparently worn out genre and its paraphernalia glam rock GIRL formed in 1979 in the midst of the second wave of punk rock and the beginning of the crossover HM scene (the so called NWOBHM) A possible trait d’union between the 1970s glam scene and its hairdresser focused LA based mid 1980s revival
features singer Phil Lewis who would later emigrate and become the LA Guns frontman in 1987

Remembered chiefly for featuring singer Phil Lewis who went on to join L.A. Guns, and guitarist Phil Collen who made the very wise decision to accept an invitation to join Def Leppard, Girl had plenty of creative potential but were misunderstood by their record label, Jet, and unappreciated by a rock scene that at the time was in the denim-and-leather grip of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.

Deliberately cultivating an androgynous glam aesthetic absolutely guaranteed to bring them a sound bottling by a Reading Festival crowd, their style was a peculiar clash of Aerosmith, Japan, Starz and New York Dolls.

Russ Ballard cover!!


1982 + inner sleeve
Uk Glam Hard Rock Produced By Nigel Thomas, With Simon Laffy, Pete Barnacle (Pre Spear Of Destiny) & Phillip Lewis

Theres an unmistakable make-or-break aura that retreats from the glorious trash-brat territory so confidently exploited on Sheer Greed. The simpler view is that Girls newfound tightness required a different sort of delivery — which is a grimier, grittier sound befitting the “back to basics” mood here. Like its predecessor, Wasted Youth boasts two drop-dead classics in “Overnight Angels” and “Old Dogs,” which gives the Phil Collen-Gerry Laffy guitar team ample opportunity to shine. The romping title cut and “Ice in the Blood” are also worth further investigation, and remain firm fan favorites.
Plenty of rugged talent existed to overcome problems, even after Collen departed for Def Leppard; the committed fans just never got the chance to find out. But Girl deserve more than a residency in heavy rocks back pages.

A1 Thru The Twilite 3:21    Written-By – Collen* , Lewis*
A2 Old Dogs 3:36   Written-By – Lewis* , S. Laffy*
A3 Ice In The Blood 2:58 Written-By – B. Graham*
A4 Wasted Youth 4:40 Written-By – G. Laffy* , Lewis*
A5 Standard Romance 3:56 Written-By – G. Laffy* , Lewis*
B1 Nice ‘N’ Nasty 3:09 Written By – T. Jack
B2 McKittys Back 4:01 Written-By – Collen* , Lewis*
B3 19 4:46 Written-By – G. Laffy* , Collen* , Lewis* , S. Laffy*
B4 Overnight Angels 4:04 Written-By – G. Laffy* , Collen* , Lewis*
B5 Sweet Kids 2:30  Written-By – Collen* , Lewis*

Bass – Simon Laffy
Drums – Pete Barnacle
Guitar – Gerry Laffy , Phil Collen
Lead Vocals – Phillip Lewis*

They couldn’t have been more different; five musical rouges from London who had, almost by accident, joined a NWOBHM street party and found themselves sticking out like dandies in bare knuckle cage fight. That these guys were unique was the least of their worries. Fortunately, they made amends by tooling up with razor sharp riffs, knock out hooks and raw production. They were also fronted by a charismatic lead vocalist that taunted the crowd by blowing kisses to bikers.

‘Wasted Youth’ was the band’s second album for Jet Records, originally issued in 1982, and one that was recorded in two phases, amidst getting bogged down in the sort of unnecessary label aggro that had already started to erode their faith. Learning from their previous visual faux pas, they decided to dial down the glam look and concentrate on beefing up their sound, with tough guy bravado and a dress code to match. It was a brave attempt to redress the balance but, despite the coordinated effort and finely honed material, the project was still not firing on all six with a label still unable to connect the dots.

‘Wasted Youth’, sadly, was lost in space, a fate accentuated by the departure of guitarist Phil Collen, accepting an offer to join Def Leppard for their epoch-making ‘Pyromania’ album. Later, Phil Lewis went on to front highly successful rock outfit, LA Guns. Both of them left behind a 24 Karat legacy, one that has been hailed by several high profile musicians as a huge influence on the glam rock explosion.

GIRL Wasted Youth LP PROMO!!! Collen (DEF LEPPARD) and Phil Lewis (L.A Guns singer). Check video!!

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