Gimme an R! the story of Brian Vollmer, lead vocalist of Helix BOOK. Privately Printed!


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Gimme an R! The Story of Brian Vollmer, Lead Vocalist of Helix [Paperback]

Publisher: Privately Printed (2005)
ISBN-10: 0973984902
ISBN-13: 978-0973984903
5.0 out of 5 stars
Forget all the books by the mega stars like Slash and Sammy Hagar. Those books have one thing in common — they were written (or co-written, anyway) by guys who are rock superstars. Its hard for a reader to relate to a guy who hasn’t had to hold a job in 30 years. Not so with this book. Brian Vollmer, lead vocalist of the hardest working band in Canada (Helix) is just a regular guy like you or I. Hes travelled the world in a rock band and met a million people, but at the end of the day, this book is something we can all relate to. From having crappy jobs and crappy apartments, barely being able to scrape by, this is a hard luck story with a silver lining. Its like the Anvil story without the huge success at the end. While Vollmer always manages to scrape by and continue rocking us, its never easy for him.

From humble beginnings in Listowel Ontario to playing in Sweden, England and Trinidad, Vollmers story is remarkable. As one of the first Canadian bands to release independent albums in the 70s, Vollmer has worked hard. He never gave up either — as all the original members of his band dropped out one by one, he just kept on going, picking up new players only to replace them again. He thought of folding the band more than once but kept going, until the internet and a little TV show called Trailer Park Boys helped expose (or, re-expose) Helix to a wider audience.

There are tons of black and white photos of the band over the years, from small-town Ontario to meeting mega stars like Richard Pryor. Vollmers prose is not frilly or poetic, but it is conversational, and theres no ghost writer. The bottom line is that the story keeps you hooked. I’ve had people come over to the house, pick up the book and just get entranced. If you like rock music and know who Helix are, this book is a really different side of the rock and roll tale. Its what happens to a regular guy who just refuses to give up.
I highly recommend it!


I can remember buying “White Lace & Black Leather” at Moondance Records & Tapes in Peterborough Ontario when it first came out. I bought it because of the picture on the back cover. Helix were the wildest looking bunch of rock’n’rollers I had ever seen! I have been rocking out to Helix music for my whole life & they are one of the most enduring & KICKASS bands in the history of rock’n’roll!…
Sebastian Bach
NJ 2005

Vollmer rocks! Hes a great storyteller, and I have given him many an R and will continue to give him Rs when ever he demands them
Mike Clattenburg
Creator/Director Trailer Park Boys

Few acts have left a mark on the hard rock community as Canadian powerhouse Helix, with their fist-pounding anthems and timeless, street sensible strut. A 30 year+ career in this biz speaks wonders for Brian Vollmer s penmanship and perseverance
“Metal” Tim Henderson
President & CEO BW&BK Magazine Family

“Helix gave us classic anthems and over the top live shows packed with beautiful women. God bless ’em!”
The Hairball John Radio Show

“From humble beginnings to rockin’ fans around the globe, Helix proved there “Ain’t No High like Rock ‘n Roll”, and now, Brian Vollmer , lead singer and driving force behind the band proves there is no better rock biography than “Gimme an R “. A must-read for any Helix fan!!”
Laurie Lonsdale
Author of Wild Side, Hollywood Blues, Neon Lights and Chasing Rainbows Catching Dust

when it comes to rock legends there is no one or no other group that defines that term better than Helix…their music was raw,their sound was loud but their lyrics spoke as an anthem for yesterday and todays youth..helix is rock in the purest form!”
Rudy Blair
Music DJ for Torontos 680 News Radio

Brian Vollmer is a wonderful storyteller with a hundred stories to tell! I had a hard time putting the book down, waiting to see what kind of trouble the band was going to get into next!
Leigh Robert
Music Director – The Hawk” Radio