GILLAN GLOVER: She took my breath away 7″ UK 1988 + Cayman Island. Check video. Deep Purple singer + Deep Purple bassist


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Pictures, few videos from this album show totally relaxed, rested, happy Gillan and Glover. Smart suggestion? on Ian’s part – right after doing stressful one with DP saying “Lets make an album” (or something to that effect).

Gillan & Glover – She Took My Breath Away
Label: Virgin
Catalog#: VS 1041
Format: Vinyl, 7″
Country: UK
Released: 1988
Genre: Rock
A She Took My Breath Away
B Cayman Islands (unreleased elsewhere)

Chart (1988) Position
Swedish Albums Chart 25

While recording the Deep Purple album House Of Blue Light, Gillan/Glover wrote some songs that didn’t fit into the Purple formula. During the American leg of the tour Ian Gillan and Roger Glover choose to travel by bus and while enjoying themselves they continued to write more songs. At one of the concerts Ritchie Blackmore accidentally broke one of his fingers and the rest of the tour was cancelled.

Roger Glover and Ian Gillan went to New York where they finished and mixed the album. Ian Gillan still had a contract with his old record company, Virgin records, and they released it in February 1988. The album itself is a very varied piece of music that mixes a lot of different styles. Even though the album was and still is a big favorite to many fans it never had a big commercial success outside the Deep Purple fan base.

Roger explained it like this a few years ago: “Accidentally On Purpose was a good case in point of a record company stabbing us in the back. We finished that album and it was out a week and then they dropped us. They dropped us for some political reason. It was nothing to do with us, it was nothing whatsoever to do with us. And yet there’s this album that we put a lot of our heart and soul into and suddenly all the money went from the promotion. The rug was pulled out from under our feet and we were left dangling with nothing but an album in some shops that wasn’t getting any promotion. That’s a hard pill to swallow. I was very depressed about that.”

It was just a bit of This is an out take from a great album which they recorded at Cayman Island..

Ian Gillan – lead vocals, harmonica
Roger Glover – bass, keyboards, guitars, programming
Additional musicians:
Ira Siegel, Nick Maroch – guitars
Lloyd Landesman – keyboards
Dr. John – piano
Andy Newmark – drums
George Young, Joe Mennonna – saxophones
Randy Brecker – flugelhorn
Vaneese Thomas, Christine Faith, Lydia Mann, Bette Sussmann – Background vocals

Alone in a crowd
Talking to him but looking at her much too loud
I could not think what to say
One word in my ear from her lips
Could lead me astray
She took my breath away

Hello, what’s going on
Unanswered questions confusing my words
Which later I stumble upon
In a room painted green
Quite clearly she was not what she seemed
But she was what she wanted to be
She took my breath away

And now there was no doubt
With eyes like a laser that sliced me in two
Her primitive signals upon me
Her secret was out

Well I know it’s gonna pass
She may be no more than a sigh in the night
The rhythm of danger can’t dance alone
Whatever the reason it never was mine

I saw I felt my life
Was going too fast, ah, at last
She took my breath away
She took my soul
She took my breath away

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