GIANT: Last of the Runaways [tape] Check video Samples
GIANT: Last of the Runaways [tape] Check video Samples
GIANT: Last of the Runaways [tape] Check video Samples

GIANT: Last of the Runaways [tape] Check video Samples


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Giant is an American melodic hard rock band that was formed in 1987. The band consisted of founding members Dann Huff (lead vocals & guitar) and Alan Pasqua (keyboard), and had Dan brother David Huff on drums and Mike Brignardello on bass. The Huff brothers were part of the founding members of the christian rock band White Heart.
The band scored one major hit, the 1990 power ballad “”I’ll See You In My Dreams,”” written by Alan Pasqua and Mark Spiro.

Last of the Runaways is the debut studio album by the rock group Giant. It included the band biggest hit, “”I’ll See You in My Dreams”” along with the other minor hit, “”I’m a Believer.””

“”I’m a Believer”” -5:45
“”Innocent Days”” -5:15
“”I Can’t Get Close Enough”” -6:06
“”I’ll See You In My Dreams”” -4:46
“”No Way Out”” -4:04
“”Shake Me Up”” -4:16
“”It Takes Two”” -4:59
“”Stranger to Me”” -5:56
“”Hold Back the Night”” -4:11
“”Love Welcome Home”” -4:51
“”The Big Pitch”” -5:07


5.0 out of 5 stars what a brilliant debut,
from the opening guitar burst of dann huff this cd
is a non stop example of great songs.a classic of an album all 12 songs are prime examples of guitar driven rock ,and an aor classic only pity is they only did one more record on A&M RECORDS but have come back with a great 3rd album best songs on debut cd innocent days and i`m a believer.

5.0 out of 5 stars how fast can he play?
Dan Huff is a phenomenal guitarist (most recently heard with Shania Twain!) who can outplay anyone, sing with the best, and write a good tune. Excellent rock album.


5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic soft rock, great melody & awesome guitar,The songs are brilliant, no filler here. Excellent production and truly jaw-dropping guitar courtesy of Dan Huff. Buy, you won’t be disappointed.

Dann Huff -vocals, guitars
Alan Pasqua -keyboards and backing vocals
Mike Brignardello -bass guitar and backing vocals
David Huff -drums and backing vocals
Lea Hart -backing vocals
Peter Howarth -backing vocals
Terry Thomas -backing vocals


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