GB ARTS: The Lake CD prog rock METAL. Concept opus. Contributions from famous German musicians. Check samples

GB ARTS: The Lake CD prog rock METAL. Concept opus. Contributions from famous German musicians. Check samples


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concept opus consisting of brilliant prog rock and great lyrics, turns out to be a true highlight. The Lake was produced by Victor Smolski, guitarist with German metal act RAGE. The new GB ARTS album, on which the band were supported by renowned artists like RAGE musicians Peavy Wagner, Victor Smolski and Mike Terrana as well as ANGEL DUST vocalist Dirk Thurisch and former MIND ODYSSEY keyboarder Andreas Dirksmeier, consists of ten tracks. The musical translation of the exciting theme is in line with the story and atmospherically extremely tight, versatile and surprises with numerous arches of tension delivered in an extremely dramatic manner. The opener, THE VOICE turns out to be a melodic power metal number with a melancholy chorus and progressive piano outro. THE SURFACE is new addition Markus Brand’s first chance to show his full vocal potential, and he goes into an exciting duet with Dirk Thurisch on SILVER RAIN. The melodic SHADOWS OF FACES sees Peavy Wagner as guest vocalist. One of the highlights is called MY NEW WORLD, a melancholy ballad with great acoustic guitars and a brilliant keyboard solo, while I CAN’T REMEMBER lives off its modern groove and spectacular solo. The album closes with THE DARKNESS IS OVER, an anthem which all guests on the album join in on.


1. A Voice 06:15
2. The Surface 05:09
3. Silver Rain 04:26
4. Break Free 05:39
5. My New World 04:35
6. The Chosen One 04:28
7. Can’t Remember 06:41
8. Shadows of Faces 05:26
9. Old Warriors 04:51
10. The Darkness is Over 04:21
5.0 out of 5 stars GB Arts, Funny Name but Great Music
I decided to check a couple reviews and only saw good reviews. Well I’m pleased to tell you I got it right!
I received The Lake 5 days ago and I couldn’t be more pleased.
I’ll admit that my expectations were low but on the same day I also received a very good Threshold CD and I like this better. Where have these guys been? This is supposedly their third album but I’ve never heard of them.
Bottom line is this is a very fine album that you can get on the cheap. The music is very good progressive rock/metal, sometimes reminding me of Queenryche (especially the singing), and sometimes a little like Dream Theater. It’s some kind of concept album, I can tell because the singer talks in between about three of the songs.
If you happen to read this, take note, I’ve given you the ball, now run with it.
I didn’t expect to hear what I heard when I heard it for the first time. I think this band has serious potential to hit it big. This album is much softer than anything you would get from Dream Theater. I was sort of expecting Dream Theater worship, but it’s not. If you are reading this, I recommend you buy this CD and give it a try, I see them as a bit of a Marillion meets Dream Theater. What do you have to loose? It is cheap and in my opinion, it is good.

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