GAYE BYKERS ON ACID: The Janice Long Sessions LP part of the grebo movement. Check video


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BBC Strange Fruit Recs., 1988, SFNT 010

Catalog#: SFNT 010
Vinyl, 12″”, EP
Country: UK
Released: 1988

Gaye Bykers On Acid were formed in 1984 in Leicester (U.K.) by Ian Mary Hoxley (vocals) and Ian Robber Reynolds (bass), joined by Tony Horsfall (guitar) and Kevin Hyde (drums) and later by DJ Ronnie Rocket. They were regarded as a part of the grebo movement whose bands distinguished themselves by their ragged and greasy looks. Musically, most grebo bands tended to mix different rock styles with samples and loops.
In the late 1980s Crazyhead, Gaye Bykers On Acid, The Bomb Party and The Hunters Club were part of the nearest thing the city has ever had to its own scene. With the nation under the spell of the limp Housemartins, Leicester leather-clad noise-stars turned their guitars up to 11 and headed out of the city, leaving a tell-tale trail of empty beer cans in their wake.
Singer Mary Mary, so-named because he looked like Mary Millington, is now with Apollo 440.

A1 Don’t Be Human Eric
A2 Ruby Red Lips
B1 Get On Up To Get Down
B2 Space Rape

Sheer sonic mentalism for a band that Virgin valued so highly they signed them for an album and … a movie! With songs like Don’t Be Human, you could see why Virgin’s A&R got so excited.

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