GARDIAN: Voyager n Fusion (The Early Years) CD loud proud CHRISTIAN Heavy Metal 19 tracks special limited 2 on 1 reissue.


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GARDIAN: Voyager & Fusion (The Early Years)
Voyager and Fusion: The Early Years is a compilation of the band Guardian, released in 2001.

“”Instrumental Intro””
“”Across the Universe””
“”Run to the Light””
“”In a Word Without Love””
“”I Am Here””
“”Prisoners Zone””
“”Look to the Future””
“”When the Time Is Right””
“”Marching On””
“”Spiritual Warfare””
“”Miracle of the Galaxy””
“”Living for the Promise””
“”Rock in Victory””
“”Step to the Light””
“”Armored Defense””
“”Your Love Looks to the Future””

Originally known as Fusion, they later changed their name to Gardian, and finally to Guardian. This is a re-issue of their early demos, featuring many previously unreleased songs, including their 6-song EP released in 1984 titled Rock In Victory,’ songs from their 1987 release titled Voyager, as well as demos cut in 1989 for First Watch, their initial release on Enigma/Capitol, most of which didn’t get onto the record, and have never been released until re-issued December, 2001, on Millenium 8 Records.

Jamie Rowe – Vocal
Tony Palacios – Guitar
David Bach – Bass
Karl Ney – Drums

19 tracks special limited 2 on 1 reissue. Most of the material
which clocks in 74 minutes is loud and proud Heavy Metal. The tracks hail from two distinct time periods in Guardians early history. Songs such as Voyager, Armored Defense, and others stem from the very first Fusion release, a six song EP entitled “”Rock In Victory recorded in 1984. Many of these songs also appeared on the 1987 release voyager. This was the most futuristic and armored incarnation of the band which at that time consisted of Paul Cawley on lead vocals and guitar, David Bach who at that time sported the futuristic handle of Max Alpha -on bass guitar and synthesizers, Rikk Hart on drums and James Isham on lead guitar. The Rock In Victory sessions were recorded in Eddie Keaggy’s (Phil’s nephew – Cheri’s husband) in Fullerton, CA. James Isham departed the group later that year and was replaced by David Caro, who became lead guitarist just in time to sign the bands first record deal with Enigma/Capitol in 1985 under the new and improved name of Gardian – the “”U”” was omitted to keep the spelling at 7 letters in line with the playful Stryper numerology of the day. They played the Sunset Strip relentlessly being both laughed at as well as marveled at for wearing full body armor onstage at the Whisky-A-Go-Go. David Caro left to pursue a more unarmored form of rock and was replaced by an unsuspecting but highly skilled guitarist from Huntington Beach, CA named Tony Palacios. Tony was puzzled by our armored futuristic metal but decided to give it a go. Some of our first recordings together make up the bulk of this collection. Recorded in the back room at Main Street Music in Huntington Beach, these unreleased tracks show a band looking to broaden the sound beyond just futuristic metal. Some of these songs later appeared on our debut national release for Enigma/Capitol “”First Watch”” in 1989 but most never saw the light of day. Most interesting and somewhat out of character is “”I am here”” featuring Tony on lead vocals. This incarnation of the band shed the armor in 1988 – became Guardian (with the “”U””) and toured relentlessly worldwide until both Paul Cawley and Rikk Hart quit due to the rigors and realities of road life.

Songs: 1. Instrumental 1.Intro 2. Voyager 3. Across the Universe 4. Run to the Light 5. In a World without Love 6. I am Here 7. Prisoners Zone 8. Look to the Future 9. Hyperdrive 10. When the Time is Right 11. Marching On 12. Spiritual Warfare 13. Miracle of the Galaxy 14. Living for the Promise 15. Eclipse 16. Rock in Victory 17. Step to the Light 18. Armored Defense 19. Your Love Looks to the Future

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