G FORCE LP 1980 One off classic Gary Moore LP. Clearly underrated. Check video and audio (whole album) + audio commentary on the album!!


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G-Force is a 1979 album by the namesake UK-American band led by Gary Moore. Moore was on an American tour with Thin Lizzy and left the band mid-tour. He went to Los Angeles in an attempt to make a solo rock presence. With the opportunity to tour America in support of Van Halen, Moore recruited bassist Tony Newton (Motown session player and ex-Tony Williams Lifetime), vocalist Willie Dee (born Willy Daffern; ex-Captain Beyond / Pipedream) and percussionist Mark Nauseef (formerly with the Ian Gillan Band and Elf) and the band was formed as G-Force. The tour was a success, however the band was short lived, only producing the one eponymous album. The album consisted of more conventional hard rock radio oriented music than Moore’s previous efforts. Soon after its release, G-Force disbanded and Moore joined with Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake & Palmer fame, on a new venture.

audio commentary: https://voca.ro/16Fz00CG7oBB OR http://chirb.it/b7xcy6   

Check this 36 seconds audio review of the album too for extra details :   http://chirb.it/B1IIew  or https://voca.ro/1leYJetRg8zy


Released May 30, 1980
Recorded December 1979 – January 1980
Genre Rock, Hard rock

Track listing:
“You” (Moore) Maxwood Music [04:11]
“White Knuckles/ Rockin’ and Rollin'” (Moore, Nauseef) [05:10]
“Shes Got You” (Moore/Nauseef) [04:53]
“I Look at You” (Moore) [06:02]
“Because of Your Love” (Newton/Dee/Hitchings) [04:00]
“You Kissed Me Sweetly” (Newton/Dee/Moore) [04:16]
“Hot Gossip” (Moore) [03:34]
“The Womans in Love” (Moore) [03:53]
“Dancin'” (Moore/Nauseef/Newton/Dee) [04:30]
Length 40:34

Gary Moore – vocals, lead guitar, keyboards
Tony Newton – vocals
Mark Nauseef – synthesizer, drums, percussion
Willie Dee – vocals, keyboards, Korg bass synthesizer

the album they left behind, is clearly underrated. As expected, it does contain the elements that would later make Moore famous, like hard rock riffs and long instrumental solos. Looking for this, listen to “White Knuckles/Rockin’ and Rollin’,” which would stay in his repertoire for a long time. But the album also shows a side later hardly seen. “Hot Gossip” and “The Womans in Love” are catchy pop tunes that, except for the guitars, have more in common with Elvis Costello than with Moores coming albums, or with the weird boogie rock of Grinding Stone. These tracks could appeal to a pop audience if they would ever find them, which is unlikely. And surprisingly, these are two of the tracks written exclusively by Moore. Yes, one can suspect that some of the humor of the quirky choruses is unintentional, but the timing is perfect. Apart from a number of great songs, G-Force is probably best bought by listeners who want to find a few unexpected gems.



5.0 out of 5 stars Gary Moore’s early group ‘G Force’,
This is the Gary Moore I grew to enjoy. His sharp Guitar and his Meatloaf approach with his vocals was refreshing. It was a pity it ended so soon. (the Album)
Gary Moore fans will enjoy this and play it over and over


5.0 out of 5 stars Not your average Gary Moore album,
Finally picked up a copy of this on after years of listening to it on a hissy tape and it is as good as ever.
Many of the reviews call it heavy metal album, but I think its got a lot more going for it that some of Moore’s straight ahead rockers…how many metal albums have sax solos, disco strings, and tracks called “Dancin'” on them?
I think if you imagined Gary Moore playing rocked-up versions of ELO songs, you’d be much closer to the mark. Sure the guitars are there in abundance (impeccable playing as always), but they are in a setting that’s a lot more varied than you might expect.
Moore’s guitar tone is really “fuzz-pedally” though, which does take a bit of getting used to if the truth be told. Great stuff though. Well worth a punt.


5.0 out of 5 stars For once, the label blurb hit the spot!,
When this was issued, it was described as “a tremendous heavy metal album”.
How do you follow an act like Lizzy/Moore? Well, Thin Lizzy chose Snowy White, and made two great albums with him (whatever ANYONE says!), and Gary made this truly exciting, sassy record. Former Captain Beyond singer Willie D. (Daffern) had the mic when Gary didn’t (and sometimes they shared the bugger), and was a great frontman. I saw the band support Whitesnake, and they were the headliners’ equals. Tony Newton (note – not Newton Tony, which is a Wiltshire village) was the bassman, and was tight, economical and funky, and Mark Nauseef, ex-Ian Gillan Band, and Thin Lizzy dep of note, did enough dazzling things with the drums to make your head spin. Which leaves what? Oh yes, Gary’s guitar. On this album, he played STUPENDOUS stuff with his Charvel axe. In 1980, he and Michael Schenker were the guitarists making waves, and with good reason. You, the opener, is a melodic hard rock number with an UNBELIEVABLE guitar solo. White Knuckles follows. Much has been written about Garences desire to outshine Eruption here; whether or not that was his intention, he did just that. Eruption is clever, witty and fast; this is cleverer, wittier, faster, and moving too. Rockin’ and Rollin’ erupts (sorry) from that controlled chaos in uncompromising fashion, and manages to be catchy and heavy-as-heck at the same time. Shes Got You is slower but just as heavy, with good lyrics and INCREDIBLE solos (which John Sykes must’ ve studied a lot before creating Looking for Love 7 years later). I Look at You is a ballad, yearning and romantic, and the guitar solo – er, you get the picture. Because of Your Love was a live highlight, based on an exciting riff, and featuring a rhythm similar to Rainbows Snake Charmer. Classic heavy rock. The more commercial You Kissed Me Sweetly still has power aplenty, and would’ve made a good single. The single, though, was Hot Gossip. It should’ve joined the great Chinatown in the Top 20, but didn’t. See the video on YouTube! The song, sung mostly by Gary, was a cross between Lizzy and Graham Parker. Sort of. The Womans in Love is another melodic piece, which features a sax solo (Lizzy influence?). Then the album goes out in style – Dancin’ is rock’n’roll, but not in the style ’50s rockers would’ve foreseen. Nauseef does some great tricks, and the album screams to a close. Some even noted a punk influence here. One out-take, Trust Your Love, has emerged since, but the album overall remains criminally overlooked. This music verges on SEXY. And did anyone mention Gary’s UNFATHOMABLY BRILLIANT guitar-playing? Oh yes.

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