FURILLO: Break the Game CD Best punk ska album ever Check videos


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Best ska album ever!,
The danish ska-rock’n’roll band proves that they are finest! A must buy !!!!


5.0 out of 5 stars Straight awesome
I heard a Furillo track on a compilation album a few years ago and decided to hunt down their full-length. As a fan of Fishbone and Operation Ivy, I tend to favor the older styles of punk and ska over the new trends (and by new I mean the 1990s on). While there have been some solid attempts over the years (e.g. Goldfingers “Hangups”), I am usually pessimistic when it comes to new bands. This album was awesome. Well worth the £10.

1. Bright Lights – Dead City 3:27
2. Trasher Chicks 2:31
3. Shiny Things 3:54
4. Ladyfriend 3:20
5. Friday Night 5:01
6. Got Run Over 4:34
7. You Never Told Me 5:17
8. Vampire Hotel 4:30
9. Bad Bad Leroy Brown 4:29
10. Whiney Bastard 9:04

The Danish ska-rock’n’roll band proves that they are Copenhagen finest! A must buy !!!!