FreeWare Dead Serious promo compilation volume one CD. Great 31 songs Hardcore, Punk. Check samples


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Various – Freeware: Volume One
Label: Dead Serious Records none
Format: CD, Compilation, Promo
Country: Germany
Style: Hardcore, Punk
1 Burden Burn It Clean
2 Newnoiseprojekt You And Me
3 Porter Hall Dragonfly
4 Dissent Alone
5 Indication What Was Reached
6 Fast Times Fast Times
7 Right 4 Life From Sheeps Into Wolves
8 To Learn Through Your Eyes
9 Reprisal Tribute
10 Angel Crew Dying Breed
11 Scarrots Burn The Pages

12 Inane Carla Cadaver
13 Six Reasons To Kill Drown In Frustration
14 Not Enough Hard Drux
15 Sincerity Lack Of Respect
16 Cross Me Cross Me
17 Carry On We’re Not One
18 97a Skate And Conglomerate
19 Lifes Halt* Casa De Herrero
20 Knockdown Give It Up
21 My Luck Dead
22 Ransom Boy Kicks Girl
23 Always Outnumbered Just Say The Words
24 Realign Poet In His Madness
25 Eyes Shut Still Here
26 Automatic T.O.S.
27 Mico Hallyon Day
28 Linger Judas
29 Daily Riot Cry For Justice
30 Kingsize Canary Rex Rotari
31 Ultra Find 2nd Place