FM: Dead Man’s Shoes CD + cover song [the Temptations COVER].


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Category: AOR
Year: 1995
Label: Raw Power (United Kingdom)
Catalog Number: RAW CD 107

Steve Overland lead vocals, guitar
Pete Jupp drums, vocals [Samson: Before The Storm + Burns Blue: What If….]
Merv Goldsworthy bass, vocals
Andy Barnett lead guitar, vocals [A.S.A.P.]
Jem Davis keyboards [Tobruk]

1. Nobodys Fool 5:32
2. Ain’t No Cure For Love 4:16
3. Get Ready 3:57 [the Temptations COVER] ♥
4. Don’t Say 4:28
5. Mona 4:54
6. Sister 4:38
7. You’re the One 5:32
8. Tattoo Needle 5:11
9. Misery 5:52
10. Dead Mans Shoes 4:57

Total Running Time: 49:17

this is a good album,worth the price alone to hear tattoo needle-one of the best fm songs ever!

“Get Ready” is a remake of the Temptations song. FM changed the pace a bit and added their bluesy flavor to it. Pretty good CD overall. Songs are all well written; “Tattoo Needle” which is the highlight of the album. It is hard not to like this album.

FM has always played blues based AOR but this is the most bluesy of the releases. Still has all the typical class and quality expected and some superb songs. One of there best. Sister is a great track.

FM release this when everyone is listening to nirvana and pearl jam staff. thank god for FMs existence this is a buesy hard rock release with good songs like “mona”, “sister”,”you re the one” and “misery”. I think that is a unique sound for FM and very interesting release.

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