FLOODLAND: Ocean of the Lost CD goth-rock a la Sisters of Mercy. Check samples


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Genre: Gothic Rock
Playing time: 68:30

White Skin, Black Soul
Ocean Of The Lost
I Standing Fall
Always On The Wrong Side
The Dawn (version)
Remembering Tomorrow
Coming Home Tonight
Mist Of Time
Sea Of Light
The Camp
Coming Home Tonight (reprise)

Dark, deep vocals and melancholic guitar melodies are the trademarks of this band and even though this album probably ends up in the rock category there are obvious traces of metal in their music. There are deep emotions at play in every song of the album and unlike many other gothic rock bands Floodland varies their music quite a lot which keeps up the listener’s interest for most of the fifteen tracks. Even though there are mostly deep male vocals on the album there are also some female vocals to be heard on “”I Standing Fall””. If you enjoy Sisters Of Mercy or passionate and atmospheric gothic music in general Floodland could be a band for you.

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