FLESH + BLOOD: Dead, White & Blue PROMO LP. Love/Hate, U2, The Front! pushed the envelope lyrically and musically! .


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Flesh + Blood (not to be confused with the Danny Vaughn/Al Pitrelli/Mark Mangold one-off). This is the band that a year ago was called Dear Mr. President and the songs here are the exact same songs in the Dear Mr. President album only put in a different order on this LP. Very similar to Love/Hate and The Ramones (Punky glam)
Featuring ex Bang Bang members turned producers Julian Raymond & CJ DeVillar. A band that pushed the envelope lyrically and musically when other bands were playing
it safe.

Hey Daddy Have You Ever Been Arrested?

Category: Hard Rock !!
Year: 1988
Label: Atlantic Records w. lyric inner sleeve
style: US Hard Rock

C.J De Villar
Chris George
Joey Hunting
Julian Raymond
Eddie Sedano

label: Atlantic Records 1989
pressing: German
extras, comments:

1. Fate 4:18
2. Flesh And Blood 5:14
3. Love And Violence 4:40
4. Hey Daddy Have You Ever Been Arrested? 4:10
5. Whats The World Coming To? 4:53
6. Queen Of My Parade 2:23
7. Fred Astaire 4:15
8. Reality 6:04
9. Fatal Desire 3:36
10. Get It Together 8:30
11. Who Killed Santa Claus? 1:30
12 Where Is the Love

This is a great awesome Rock’n’Roll Album, totally addictive album, anyone who has heard this should be impressed. An album that i couldnt even classify into any particular category.great stuff, graet listening, and exteremely difficult to find.


This is a truly magnificent piece of work (the -later- released version under the band name of ‘Flesh And Blood’ called ‘Dead White and Blue’ is even better). This album will grow and grow on you. The man Julian Raymond is a genius, no arguments necessary


A Fantastic album, with thought provoking lyrics and great melody. When you compare this album to some of the garbage out today you wonder about the ficlkeness of the record buying public. I will never know how they weren’t bigger as they deserved to be stars

I picked this tape up cuz I liked the cover. I bought it cuz I giggled reading the song list. This was one of my favorite tapes for that period in my life.


Amazing CD. “Reality” has some great lyrics as well. I still have this one and it is one the favorites.

I heard the song “Hey Daddy Have You Ever Been Arrested?” on a Shreveport radio station in 1988 on one of those “make it or break it” segments where you call up and voice your opinion of the song. I remember snickering at the lyrics: (paraphrase) “you tell me not to make love to a girl until I fall in love/but Dad when she took her clothes off I swear I was in love.


Bought the tape thinking it would be a totally different music and passed the “deception” I totally loved it. Singer is of the kind I like, not a great technician but a very personal “color” that gives sense to the music and lyrics.


Love this album, especially the tracks ‘Flesh and Blood’ and ‘Whats The World Coming To’. A band very hard to pigeonhole (which makes a nice change) and definately not for everyone, but some of the more open minded amongst us will definately get something from this. The band have a great sound to them, which is brought to the fore by the production skills of Foreigners Mick Jones.later re-issued in slightly edited form as ‘Dead White & Blue’ when the band changed their name to Flesh & Blood.

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