FIONA: Heart like a Gun tape cassette sealed RARE 1989. Hard Rock A.O.R Hit songs including a Kip Winger duet “Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)”. Check videos


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Heart Like a Gun is the third studio album by singer Fiona, released in 1989 through Atlantic Records. It reached #150 on the Billboard 200 chart in 1990 and remained charted for sixteen weeks. The album features Singer Kip Winger and drummer Rod Morgenstein from the band Winger, with Kip dueting with Fiona on “”Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)””.

Released: 1989
Genre: Pop rock, hard rock, A.O.R
Length: 41:49
Label: Atlantic
Producer: Beau Hill, Keith Olsen

Track listing:
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “”Little Jeannie (Got the Look of Love)”” Fiona, Jack Griffith 3:23
2. “”Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)”” Fiona, Beau Hill, Lance Cosgrove 4:14
3. “”Where the Cowboys Go”” Fiona, Phil Brown 4:46
4. “”Mariel”” Fiona, Mark Mangold 4:33
5. “”Draw the Line”” Fiona, Mike Slamer 3:29
6. “”Here It Comes Again”” Fiona, Martin Page 4:11
7. “”Bringing In the Beast”” Fiona, Phil Brown 4:35
8. “”Victoria Cross”” Fiona, Bob Held, Al Greenwood, Tony Rey 4:08
9. “”Look at Me Now”” Fiona, Mark Mangold, Aldo Nova 4:14
10. “”When Pink Turns to Blue”” Phil Brown, Van Stephenson, Madeleine Stowe, Giles Reaves 4:16
Total length: 41:49

Fiona – vocals
Kip Winger – vocals (track 2), bass
Brad Gillis – guitar
Rod Morgenstein – drums
Beau Hill – engineering, mixing, production
Keith Olsen – engineering, mixing, production
Gordon Fordyce – mixing
Mark Segal – engineering
Joel Stoner – engineering
Jeff DeMorris – engineering
George Counnas – engineering
Fred Kelly – engineering
Matt Freeman – engineering

Year Chart Position
1990 Billboard 200 150

5.0 out of 5 stars First class “”chick rock””
One of the better “”rocker chick”” artists of the 80, Fiona bridged the gap between the Pat Benatar/Scandal pop sound and the so-called metal being served up by Lita Ford and Vixen. Fiona rocked, but there was always a melodic, pop quality to the songs.

1988 Heart Like a Gun is Fiona third album, and it picks up right where her 1985 self-titled debut and Beyond the Pale left off. It full of great guitar hooks, catchy melodies, and above all Fiona powerful voice. Leadoff single “”Little Jeannie (Got the Look of Love)”” and the duet with Kip Winger – “”Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)”” – tend to get the most attention. The remaining songs just seem to be a bit smarter, more heartfelt and emotional, and better written. The song “”Here It Comes Again”” is a particularly good single. This is due in no small part to the addition of folks like Mike Slamer, Mark Mangold and Aldo Nova to help with the songwriting.

I still prefer Fiona debut album, but Heart Like a Gun is definitely a very solid pop/rock effort. Fans of Annica, Robin Beck, 80 era Heart, and the artists mentioned above should love this album.
5.0 out of 5 stars Blast from the past,
Ah memories. Had forgotten all about this fine musician for many years, but for some strange reason, I remembered her suddenly and set about refreshing my memory. This is an album I bought in high school after hearing the duet with Kip Winger. Found the clips on here and listened to them. I still remember each song word for word and I’m singing my fool head off. Love this album. There are some gems in there, this album is so completely solid from start to finish. My favorites tend to be the ballad-y types like Mariel, Victoria Cross, When Pink Turns to Blue. I agree completely with one reviewer who pointed out how effortlessly Fiona merged hard rock and melodic pop. Great tunes. Unique voice. Love it.
5.0 out of 5 stars Fiona rules
Love the album, I’ve been searching for this one for years, thanks a lot! Fiona rocks, yes, women rock. Must have tape.
5.0 out of 5 stars Miss Her,
This is such a great tape and brings back teenage memories!!!! I wish She would return soon!!!!

Cool tape. Like a Heavier version of Pat Benetar
Reb Beach of Winger fame was actually her guitarist for the longest time. Fiona whose first demo was made with the “”Dixie Dregs”” backing her and ace guitarist “”Steve Morse”” playing and arranging. “”Dave (The Snake) Sabo”” and “”Scotti Hill”” of “”Skid Row”” also appeared on her demos as did “”Bon Jovi -Tico Torres””.
I really wanted this for the one song with Kip Winger. FIONA a bright star in female fronted rock -and that for sure. This LADY rocked…! (Vixen, Saraya, Lita, Doro, Femme Fatale). What a great song (Your sexing me) that brought back a lot of memories of the old rock scene. Miss that stuff.
I liked her debut self titled album (released in either 1985) but having said that, I really liked this when I bought it. Lots of good memories to this album. “”Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)”” is one of the greatest melodic rock/aor duets of all time. Other highlights include “”Mariel””, “”Draw the Line””, & “”Here It Comes Again””. Fiona´s voice is sooo good & sexy!!
This was one of those tapes I bought for one song, and that turned out to be the only good song on it (“”Everything You Do”” of course). Fiona sounds more like a Debbie Gibson-type voice.
I love you FIONA!!!
Apart from the big list of musicians that participated in this album and obviously helped to enrich it, we have as a result a very good release. When a female rocker singer gives us an album usually by nature we have good music and we’re talking here about the talented Fiona…””Little Jeannie”” starts the party nicely, “”Everything You Do”” of course a highlight in the album and with the excellent duo of Kip Winger, says it all…””Where The Cowboys Go”” is an excellent track,far the best track,””Here It Comes Again”” another goodie and to finish 2 cool tracks “”Look At Me Now”” & “”When Pink Turns To Blue””(nice and catchy chorus). As far as I’m concerned this is her best release Fiona voice is Ann Wilson alike (Heart singer). 95/100
This record is really is her best record without any doubt. if you have to choose one Fiona record take “”heart like a gun”” only great songs, no fillers.


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