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Final Breath is a thrash/death metal band from Gemünden am Main, Germany.  Jörg and Heiko furthermore organise the open air festival ‘Up from the Ground’ featuring mainly death and thrash metal acts.

Label: PROMO CDR self released
Format: CD, Album, Promo   Free for orders of £28+
Country:  Germany
Released: 2002
Genre Thrash
1 Under Pressure
2 Mind Explosion
3 Killed By Lust
4 Break Down
5 Nondescript
6 White Prison
7 When Love Turns To Hate
8 The Punisher
9 To Live And To Die
10 Careless

10 Songs, 48 Minutes    Samples (90 seconds from each song):

Thomas Wissel Bass
Heiko Krumpholz Drums
Jörg Breitenbach Guitars (lead)
Jürgen “Eumel” Aumann Vocals (lead)
Werner “Space” Müller Guitars (rhythm)

It is great to see that the national metal scene is alive like never before and that the underground still keeps some jewels tucked away. The German Thrash Metal war machine FINAL BREATH has been active in the national underground for many years, playing every club and continually expanding their fan base. The band formed in 1993, releasing their first demo, Soulchange, in 1995 followed by the MCD, End of it All, in 1997. They had considerable success with their official debut Flash-Burnt Crucifixes (2000), which was released through Gutter Records/Massacre. Furthermore, they became more popular by playing many live shows with bands like Night In Gales, Disbelief, Blackend, Soul Demise and Tankard. In August 2000, they went into Stage One Studios with producer Andy Classen (and without a label after departing from their former label on friendly terms). More problems were to come. Soon after they recorded the drums, guitars and bass tracks, they found out that vocalist Michael Imhof was not working out. After continuous problems with his voice, Imhof decided to quit working with FINAL BREATH in December 2000. After auditioning several potential vocalists, they decided on Jürgen Aumann, who had already helped out at some live shows. The new shouter finally gave the songs an important expression with his aggressive and intense vocals. It turned out to be very difficult to get a new appointment with Classen, so Jürgen recorded the vocals at Steelpride Studios with Tarek Maghary. Classen came back to finish the mix. The hard work was worth it. The album got them a deal with Nuclear Blast. The strongpoint of Mind Explosion is its aggression and unique variety. Songs like White Prison, The Punisher or the title track feature razor-sharp thrashing riffs and angry vocals, while the atmospheric Nondescript or the heavy When Love Turns To Hate use more death metal elements. Break Down, which is almost seven minutes, has manifold riffs and many speed changes. The ultra melodic To Live And To Die should be a hit for FINAL BREATH. And Careless closes this album with a great melody that fades out slowly. It’s the variety of Mind Explosion that affects the listener and keeps it from getting boring, embodying everything that has made German Thrash Metal renowned for years.

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