FILTHY LUCRE: Popsmear CD. Great songs!! Phil Lewis guitarist / singer of L.A. Guns (+ Girl, Hollywood Roses). Check audio


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CD by Filthy Lucre. Entitled Popsmear, it contains 10 tracks (see below for tracklisting). On the Neat Metal label, the catalogue number is NM025.
Phil Lewis had kept busy over his five year hiatus from LA Guns. In 1997, he and Michael “Bones” Gershima formed Filthy Lucre along with guitarist Steve Dior (ex London Cowboys) and released the album “Popsmear” on Neat Metal (for UK).
“In 1993, I formed a band with my friend Steve Dior from London Cowboys called Filthy Lucre. We recorded a cool record called “Pop Smear”, drank a lot of tequila and drove around America in a van playing clubs and having a blast…” P. Lewis

Track Listing:
Outta Control
Black Cadillac
Baby I Want
Milk My Honey
Brand New Deal
Sucksex ♥   or   
Can't Kick
Ladbroke Groove

Phil Lewis: Lead Vocals on some songs, Guitar
Steve Dior: Lead Vocals on some songs, Guitar
Jim Writ: Bass
MC Bones: Drums

Steve Dior (has performed) :
Filthy Lucre: Popsmear
Gerry Laffy: Money and the Magic
Phil Lewis: More Purple than Black
London Cowboys: The Underdog Recordings + Wow Wow Oui Oui

Phil Lewis (has performed on several albums by) :
L.A. Guns, Phil Lewis (solo career), George Lynch, Shameless, Girl, Hollywood Roses, plus some tribute albums too!

5.0 out of 5 stars Phil expands his horizons,
Suprisingly good album from Phil Lewis and Co. Far better than anything L.A. Guns were doing in his absence. Definitely worth buying.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun record. I recommend it to his fans
If you are a big Phil Lewis fan, a glam rock devotee, or a relative of one of the band members, buy this record. Its a fun disc with Phils songs as the high points and the other guys songs as the low one. Ladbroke groove, which closes out the disc, has a LAG sound to it and is a definite highlight. If you like your rock n roll simple and pretty, you will enjoy this record. If you are looking for depth and complexity, check out Phils “More Purple Than Black”. Phil lewis sings about half of the songs on the disc sharing the vocals with Steve Dior. Steve Dior does an ok job on his portion of the music. If you looking for something different from phil lewis check out his solo album titled ‘more purple than black’.

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