FIGHT: War of Words CD. Vocals, Guitar Rob Halford. Singer + drummer of Judas Priest. + video. Signed Autographed by Scott Travis


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Fight War Of Words
Label: Epic 474547 2
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 14 Sep 1993
Genre: Thrash, Heavy Metal
Track list:
1 Into The Pit 4:13
2 Nailed To The Gun 3:38
3 Life In Black 4:34
4 Immortal Sin 4:39
5 War Of Words 4:29
6 Laid To Rest 4:40
7 For All Eternity 4:42
8 Little Crazy 3:49
9 Contortion 4:35
10 Kill It 3:30
11 Vicious 3:12
12a Reality, A New Beginning 4:43
12b Jesus Saves 3:36

Bass, Backing Vocals Jay Jay
Drums, Backing Vocals Scott Travis
Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals Brian Tilse, Russ Parrish
Producer Rob Halford
Vocals, Guitar, Composed By [All Compositions By] Rob Halford

Recorded at Wisseloord Studios.
Track 12 is 13:19 in total, and contains 5 minutes of silence in between the two tracks. “Jesus Saves” is not listed on the release.
p+c 1993 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Fight was an American heavy metal band assembled by Judas Priest frontman, Rob Halford, after his departure from that band in 1992. He took with him from Judas Priest and Racer X drummer Scott Travis, though Travis also continued to drum for Judas Priest. The line-up was completed by Russ Parrish on guitar, Brian Tilse on guitar and keyboards and Jack “Jay Jay” Brown on bass guitar.
The Fight musical proposal was quite different from Halfords former band; it was a mix between the classic metal sound created by Judas Priest and the new, edgier sound of bands like Pantera.
In some ways, this could have been a Judas Priest album. Since it was the first disc that Rob Halford worked on after his extended tenure in that group, that is certainly understandable. Clearly, he was most likely still aligned in that musical vein and a lot of the sounds here represent that fact. However, there are definitely some differences. First, you can hear a rawer, almost punk-ish aggressive texture on much of the material (“Nailed to the Gun” comes to mind).

Next, Halford shows a wider range of vocal styles here than he did with Priest. In fact, there are several points where he sounds like Alice Cooper, and he tries his hand at the more guttural death metal vocal style. The lyrical content on the album has a maturity that Priest seldom, if ever, achieved as well. The recitation of the First Amendment during the title track is brilliant. In some ways, its too bad that this group only lasted a couple of years. They had a lot of potential. The stunning power ballad “For All Eternity” alone is worth the price of admission for this part of their voyage.
5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best metal records of the ’90s,
This CD was seriously underrated in the industry. It is fantastic and without question one of the best metal records of the ’90s. Entirely composed and produced by Rob Halford, it shows the genius which helped make Priest one of the definitive metal bands. The songs are catchy and some of them fairly melodic, but the CD has a number of memorably brutal and raw thrashy tracks, and it is mostly significantly heavier than Priest at its heaviest. The lyrics are deep and well-written. Crunchy riffing and great song concepts that carry you right along. Halford’s vocal power and range are as evident here as anywhere. Powerful, sharp and extremely satisfying. The better of the Fight CDs.
5.0 out of 5 stars Halford forms FIGHT after leaving Judas Priest,
12 tracks clocking in at approximately 59 minutes. Included with the disc is a 4-page foldout including 1 black & white band photo, song titles, equipment used, and thank yous. Recorded at Wisseloord Studios in the Netherlands… a prestigious and well-known studio used also by – Def Leppard, The Police, Scorpions, ELO, Elton John, and others. All tracks written by Halford. Label – Epic / Sony.
With Rob Halford and Judas Priest parting ways in ’92 who knew what to expect with Fight. This debut did get some notice – reaching #83 on rocks mainstream chart (the song “Little Crazy” reached #21).

The sound was a bit different. Still metal, but gone was the 70s and 80s Judas Priest trademark sound, and in was that 90s Pantera/Anthrax edge. Halford’s been around for 4 decades now… and outside of his work with Judas Priest, and his solo “Resurrection” (2000) album, I strongly feel this Fight debut is the best thing hes been involved with. Parrish and Tilse are very talented on guitar – extremely crunchy rhythms, and lighting quick solos. Scott Travis is an animal on the drum kit. Highlights include – the faster “Into The Pit”, “Nailed To The Gun” and “Vicious”. Several of the songs are mid temp metal rockers… simply great songs – melodic, dark and ultra heavy – “Life In Black” (my favorite song on the album),

“Immortal Sin”, “For All Eternity” and “Little Crazy”. The only negative is the last track… “Reality, A New Beginning” is a great song, however there’s a hidden bonus track here – “Reality” lasts for about 4 minutes, then there is a 4-5 minute empty gap, followed by a 3-4 minute hidden song (judging by the repetitive chorus its probably titled “Jesus Saves”). I just don’t understand why bands (and/or their labels) present it like this… just give it to us – don’t make us wait. Overall, this Fight debut is a wonderful album – one of a handful of metal highlights for me in 1993
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent,
Rob Halford with a new band including Priest drumnmer Scott Travis is amazing. I first became acquainted w/ Fight on Halfords Live Insurrection. The Fight songs were some of the best on the album. Rob copies Painkiller-era Judas Priest. This is a good thing. Painkiller is one of the best/the best Priest album, and had a sound distinct from any other release. When people think of Rob Halford, they think of Painkiller, etc. Its the voice- hes best when he uses his high pitched shriek as opposed to mid-range melody. Halfords shriek is quite different than King Diamond and he doesn’t use it as much. If you’re a fan of Judas Priest or Halford, do yourself a favor and pick up this Fight CD.
5.0 out of 5 stars Not Pantera-Inspired,
Back in the early 90s, Rob Halford left Judas Priest to produce music not musically fit for Priest. Drummer Scott Travis left with him and while Judas Priest hired Ripper Owens; Halford formed Fight. Listening to it, the band is definitley different from Judas Priest. A lot of people say its Pantera-inspired.
I disagree with that. Pantera is harder than Fight and Pantera vocalist Philip Anselmo has a deep voice. On this album, Rob Halford (whos a very gifted vocalist and can sing in many different pitches) sings a majority of the songs in a very high pitched voice. Some of the songs he sings the same way he did in Judas Priest, but on very few songs could you classify Halfords voice as even “kind of” deep. But the music does have a crunching guitar sound, a great bass rhythm wall, and Scott Traviss abnormally fast drumming. Its got a different sound from Priest most definitley and the lyrics are different too. The fact is, bands like Judas Priest aren’t known for their lyrics. In a band like that, lyrics don’t matter. In Fight, Halford has lyrics about freedom of speech and gun control among other things. The songs are as follows:

1. Into the Pit-5/5-The drums come out loud & fast. Then Rob Halford begins singing in his abnormally high pitch voice he can do. It sounds great.
2. Nailed to the Gun-5/5-Rob Halford now sings in his regular voice. The backup vocals on the chorus are really cool.
3. Life in Black-4/5-This song is just OK.
4. Immortal Sin-5/5-Really good song. The beat is grinding and good. There are times when Rob Halford doesn’t even sound like Halford.
5. War of Words-5/5-Really good lyrics about freedom of speech.
6. Laid to Rest-4/5-Not my favorite song.
7. For All Eternity-5/5-This is more of a ballad, but it sounds like a Judas Priest song.
8. Little Crazy-5/5-Really good song. The guitar playing is great.
9. Contortion-5/5-“Contortion. All I see is red.” Rob Halford in angry mode.
10. Kill It-5/5-As I said, I don’t see this album as being Pantera-inspired at all, but if it is its most evident on this song.
11. Vicious-5/5-One of the best on here.
12. Reality, A New Beginning-5/5-A good album closer, Halfords cadence on this song is cool.

At the end of the last track if you wait a few minutes, theres a hidden track that would probably called “Jesus Saves” and features some really odd sounding vocals by Rob Halford. Sounds like overlapping vocals of Halford and a young child. I have one more thing to add. Before rejoining Judas Priest, Rob Halford was in three bands. This band, Two (which was produced by Trent Reznor and featured Marilyn Manson-guitarist John5) and Halford. I haven’t actually heard the Halford album, but if I walked into a music store and was going to buy this or Two, I’d buy Two. This album is pure heavy metal. Two was really electronic/Nine Inch Nails sounding. All the songs on that album, its the same on this one too though, were awesome and really catchy although Halfords voice sounds really almost unrecognizably different. Anyway, Judas Priest will always be Rob Halfords band but this is a worthy entry in Robs discography.
5.0 out of 5 stars As good as painkiller!!!
This album really rocks
I was sad about Halford leaving Priest but Welcome to FIGHT
from Into the pit to Reality… no weak songs
Halford is the voice of metal no other like him
Very heavy, this album can teach the new kids a lot about the good music
buy this album
even the hidden track is good
5.0 out of 5 stars Superheavy supermetal,
Heavy riffs and leading edge drums make this CD worht buying. Rob Halford shows he can make magic with a new group. Well worth buying
5.0 out of 5 stars Halford On His Own!,
In the early 90s metal was starting to falter and bands were dropping like flies. Even the mighty Priest with its drawing power from years of greatness were touring to half full arenas. In some ways the writing was on he wall for bands such as Judas Priest and many others as the grunge faze was starting to take full effect.

Halford, considered by many to be metals greatest vocalist was getting restless. He saw the half full arenas and decided that after years of touring the world as Priest frontman a change was needed.

Well he split and formed Fight after the last tour was wrapped up. The release was a new direction that I personally liked. It was fresh and raw and it had some passion to it which was something Priest had lacked for years before the Painkiller release. Oddly enough that was probably their best release in years and should have propelled them back on top of the metal world. Well times had changed and even a great release like that couldn’t resurrect metal.

I guess Rob saw the writing on the wall and decided it was time to seek adventure elsewhere. So after the tour was done, he left and that was that. The Priest we all had enjoyed over the years was no more.

Halfords first solo release if you can call it that?, was a new start, a new direction, a new beginning. He gathered up some killer musicians and put together one hell of a first offering. All the tunes found on this release are frikin’ great. Its just a metal maniacs delight. Halford’d vocals are as strong as ever and the passion is Back.

Looking back some years later, I guess he made the right decision in leaving Judas Priest. Yes hes back in the fold now, but he and maybe even we needed a break from the usual and hes departure gave us just that.
5.0 out of 5 stars Wanna Fight?!
Rob Halford is the best heavy metal vocalist of all time. He has a great talent for surrounding himself with guitarists that compliment his style. I thought that nothing could be better than Priest but I was wrong with this CD Halford cranked the JP sound up a notch and kept it fresh.

Awesome album. “Nailed to the Gun” and “War of Words” are my favorites.
5.0 out of 5 stars Into the pittt of HELLLLLLFORRRRD!!!!!,
Rob Halford rocks. His songwriting/vocal and arranging talents are undisputed from one listen to this record, which doesn’t totally owe to Judas Priest but not to Pantera/Exhorder either. It has more melody, power, and dynamics than anything released by Judas Priest in the nineties, in fact it kind of stands as a precursor to the “Halford” project just as “Ram it Down” is kind of a precursor to Painkiller. It slams hard, great drumming, bass and shredding solos. If you’re a fan of the man, you owe it to yourself to go “INTOOO THE PITTT!”
5.0 out of 5 stars Sweet debut,
halford shows his as always amazing talents on this great solo debut!! HARD AND HEAVY, Halford is the metal GOD!

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