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In Norse mythology, Fenris (or Fenrir or Fenrisulfr) is a wolf, the son of Loki and the giantess Angrboða. Fenrir is bound by the gods, but is ultimately destined to grow too large for his bonds and swallow Odin whole during the course of Ragnarök. He will be slain by Odin’s son, Viðarr.

1. Anvil of Crom 06:13
2. Sons of Fenris 06:05
3. Flowing 03:50
4. Mirror Mind 05:35
5. The Thought (Which Could Not Be Set Down in Words) 09:00
6. Little Ease 05:21
Total playing time 36:0

The German FENRIS (because there are also two others: Dutch and Czech), is a pure underground release. They were born in early 1991 and recorded one studio album, released in 1994. after that they simply vanished because of some personal problems (the drummer and bass player left the band and they could not find anyone to replace them). This album, titled “Fill The Void†is available again, after 13 years, Source Of Deluge Records, decided to re-release it.

After the first sounds of this album, the impression is very good: old power metal is still alive. If you do not know where to put Fenris, listen to CRIMSON GLORY. And then everything gets clear. “Anvil Of Crom†definitely is the best composition of this album. Raw and powerful riffs, furious drums and that high-pitched voice can give a huge kick. Also the change of motifs works very good in this song. “Sons Of Fenris†are a little bit weaker, this track somehow loses the power embedded in the previous one. The bass intro simply spoils the rest -it is too blue. Later no, the whole evolves into metal. A shorter song, “Flowing†is a comeback -pure power of the beginning is regained. Very often it is audible, that FENRIS cherished JUDAS PRIEST, there are many similarities in style. Heavy riffs and that cool voice are absolutely fabulous. With a surprising turnover in the middle of the composition. “Mirror Mind†is also a classic power metal song. The rawness of sound astonishes. It is pure and brutal power, with technical mastery. The giant “The Thought†is a masterpiece. From the very beginning it is clear, that old school power metal is still alive. Classic single riff makes everything clear, enlarges the lust for the rest. When the vocal appears the song gains another dimension. Everything is mixed perfectly and the cooperation of instruments and vocals is excellent. Listening to this song is a pure pleasure. The middle of the track is absolutely fabulous. Definitely, this song has got something in it. The slow mode creates the atmosphere of relief, of calming down… before the storm. That Sound Storm strikes the speakers when the laserâs beam reaches the guitar solo. Finally, “Little Ease†is a typical finishing song, a summary of ideas, but served in a raw formula, slowly turning on, to strike harder and faster in the middle. The howling guitar in the background sounds very nice. From the technical point of view, this album is very, very good.

It is good, that Source Of Deluge decided to re-release “Fill The Voidâ€. Nowadays, such Spartan and raw music is very rare. And this makes it unique and important. In the age of electronic devices, where keyboards are constantly in use, such rawness just makes the heart cry for more! Pure metal in plastic container.

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