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FALLING SILENCE: Shadows [Italian – Swish Nu Metal band. Songs: 2002
1. Intro 0:39
2. Mother Kill Me 3:13
3. Shadows Over Me 4:41
4. Deceptive Fog 4:43
5. Libera Nella Mente 4:17
6. The Only Guilty 4:05
7. Feather Of Stone 4:33
8. Lost Aenimas 4:40
9. Memory Of That Night 2:53
10. Life Or Condamnation 3:50
11. Violentada Na Soledade 12:53

Falling Silence, coming from the Italian speaking Tessin. They carry on their musical projects with pluck and decisiveness, setting themselves a target: exploring new horizonts and proposing “”true”” music , not contaminated by commercial servility. Falling Silence are taking part of this scenery and the fact that they love to define themselves a “”post-metal”” band can be indicative enough about the research pervading their works. “”Shadows”” means a lot to the band, cause it is a kind of compilation featuring the best songs written between 1998 and 2002. It represents the end of an artistic chapter and the beginning of a new one. An evolutionary very important period, from the moment that new stuff is already under processing, scheduled for release before the year’s out; it’s not easy to label their music, cause in it we can find many influences: from a certain kind of nu-metal till heavy metal passing through hardcore. I suppose for example that Coal Chamber’s fans would listen with pleasure to Falling Silence, but their audience can include more traditional metal fans. Generally speaking, the band is get going in every tracks of this CD, music is aggressive but not violent, full of energy.Particularly interesting are Loredana’s vocals, without fragility and compromises. Loredana’s voice is good accompanied with that one of Sebastiano Moresi. Not to forget a lovely particular: this CD is dedicated with love to the little child Shasa “”Patatina””. And Shasa herself is to be heared in the intro!

Here we go with the tracks:
INTRO- in a complete silence Shasa “”patatina”” is singing a nursery rhyme, then she begins to
laugh, but her laughing soon turns into a loud crying…very impressive.
MOTHER: KILL ME- a song with bitter lyrics (“”with a gloomy dance you’ve given
birth to me to let me die in this world killed by ignorance and hypocrisy which
sorround me””), this song is melodic aggressivity -soaked , very agreeable the guitar
sharp touches.
SHADOWS OVER ME- very angry this song, with aggressive guitar riffs, though not
slow, it sounds anyway a little melancholy, I find very good the duo between
Loredana and Sebastiano, where he shows a strength (but still not growling) which
reminds me Fear Factory. Hypnotic the end with Loredana’s voice repeating “”shadows
over me””, fading away.
DECEPTIVE FOG- powerful song, with no weak moments showing at the same time
a melodic force with a straight-to-the point music, recurring and powerful refrains.
LIBERA NELLA MENTE – sung in Italian, the text is very engaged and is a clear
accuse towards many sad aspects of some authorities and powers who are ruling our
society. But every of us is always free in own mind. Music is rather experimental, not
melodic at all.
THE ONLY GUILTY- shows a variety of notes with no fix point but guitars are doing
a great work.
FEATHER OF STONE- here Loredana’s vocals get in foreground, and she is
employing many of her capacities, one can hear this clearly. On the whole an
aggressive-melodic song, with no easy notes.
LOST AENIMAS- rather tormenting this song, where guitar and bass show their
ability, with remarkable solos and tempo changing.
MEMORY OF THAT NIGHT – almost acoustic this song, another foreground for
Loredana’s voice, in the background string instruments.
LIFE OR CONDAMNATION – repetitive and strong, hard guitar, sharp drums.
Noteworthy is how the song ends.
VIOLENTADA NA SOLEDADE – thunderous agreeably downtuned guitars, with
some impressive distorced sounds, another angry very heavy song, which gets the
attention with its somehow catchy proceeding without rest.
All who love a metal with mixed flavours, without compromises, shouldn’t miss this

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