FACTEUR ZERO: Douce Barbarie CD [Death Thrash from France] Check samples


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“Death – Thrash. Nice to see a band from France again that
manages not only to come up with something original, but that actually sounds rather decent. Facteur Zero tend towards the more extreme spectrum of the Metal underground, combining the melodic sensibility of Dark Tranquility with the intricate complexity of fellow Frenchies Misanthrophe. Fortunately, Douce Barbarie does not share the opaque density that troubles many a technical Black Metal band. All songs are riddled with tempo changes, but they serve to allow the album to breathe instead of choking the listener with an amalgam of cut and paste guitar sections. Keep your eyes on this.

1. Intro
2. Assez
3. Bonheur perdu
4. Belluaires
5. Egoïste rédemption


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