Extrema – Tension At The Seams LP Italian Thrash Metal with a twist (Milano 1985). Check audio!


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Label: Contempo Records – BABE 5 LP
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Italy
Released: 1993
Style: Thrash, Heavy Metal
A1 Join Hands
A2 Child O’ Boogaow
A3 Displaced
A4 Truth Hits Everybody (The Police cover)
A5 Modern Times
B1 Double Face
B2 Road Pirates
B3 Lawyers Inc.
B4 And The Rage Awaits
B5 For God They Die
B6 Life
Distribuited By EMI Italiana S.p.A.

Join Hands – 3:47
Child O’Boogaow – 3:58
Displaced – 4:21
Truth Hits Everybody (The Police cover) – 2:17
Modern Times – 5:20
Double Face – 2:20
Road Pirates – 4:17
Lawyers Inc. – 3:58
And The Rage Awaits – 3:52
For God They Die – 4:33
Life – 2:34

Extrema are an Italian thrash metal band, formed in Trezzo sull’Adda in 1985.

Born from the initiative of guitarist Tommy Massara, they debuted with the EP We Fuckin’ Care in 1987, with an aggressive style and containing only four songs full of influences from the most classic thrash groups. A week before the release they played as the opening act at Slayer’s only Italian date on the Reign in Blood tour, May 7, 1987.

The first album, however, came out six years later: Tension at the Seams (Contempo Records). Considered as one of the fundamental albums of Italian metal, the album is appreciated by the international press for the quality of the writing and production with a different singing from that of subsequent albums (GL prefers to use a clean and much clearer voice in this album) and a rhythm section that also takes inspiration from funky. Among the most representative pieces are Join Hands, Child o’ Boogaow, Displaced and Modern Times.

Thanks to this success they opened many concerts for bands of the calibre of Metallica and Vasco Rossi, playing in front of more than 130,000 people in the space of a week, something that no Italian metal band of the time had managed to do.

Extrema are considered an important band in Italy and at the beginning of their career they played a good old style of thrash, that wasn’t too extreme.
“Tension At The Seams” was recorded in 1993, in pure Pantera era and some riffs, always being thrash, are inevitable in their style. The true thrash survives only in few songs, or better in some moments. The opener “Join Hands” is quite fast but with some funky influences in the bass parts. The refrain is good and the vocals are very similar to those of Phil Anselmo. The mid paced riff during this song is quite progressive and the solo is fast, very good.

Even the production is in Pantera style, especially the drums sound, while the guitars are not so heavy, even if they are still thrash in the distortion. “Child O’ Boogaow” mixes some fast parts to mid paced riffs; but you cannot consider TRUE thrash those mid paced riffs… “Displaced”is quite good in its main riff even if features some funky parts and the sung part in pure Anselmo style.

The Police cover is well done, quite fast without losing anything in the original melody. “Modern Times” is in my opinion the highlight here, or better, the song I like the most: it’s quite gloomy and surely with more groove, sometimes very catchy. “Double face” is quite pure thrash even not being a complete up tempo while, in the other songs, there isn’t too much to say, except for the very good, thrash oriented “And the Rage Awaits” and the fast “Life”.

Well, this LP contains some really great songs, and is always groovy a la Pantera.

1993. EXTREMA releases “Tension At The Seams,” setting a new standard in quality never before reached by a national metal production, both in terms of songwriting and arrangements, as well as production and sales numbers.
The album represents a real watershed between the past and the future, a milestone that sets the direction for what would happen in the following years.
In two words, a visionary album.
In the years following the release of “Tension At The Seams,” Extrema played hundreds of concerts, sharing the stage with giants like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Motorhead, and literally dozens of others, reaching where no other Italian band had reached before, easily earning top spots in the preferences of metalheads throughout Italy for several consecutive years.

Gli Extrema sono un gruppo musicale thrash metal italiano, formatosi a Trezzo sull’Adda nel 1985.

Nati dall’iniziativa del chitarrista Tommy Massara esordirono con l’EP We Fuckin’ Care nel 1987, dallo stile aggressivo e contenente solo quattro canzoni impregnato di influenze dai gruppi thrash più classici. Una settimana prima dell’uscita suonarono come apertura all’unica data italiana degli Slayer del tour di Reign in Blood, è il 7 maggio 1987.

Il primo album, invece, uscì sei anni dopo: Tension at the Seams (Contempo Records). Considerato come uno degli album fondamentali del metal italiano, il disco viene apprezzato della stampa internazionale per la qualità della scrittura e della produzione con un cantato diverso da quello degli album successivi (GL preferisce usare in questo album una voce pulita e molto più limpida) e una sezione ritmica che riprende anche dal funky. Tra i pezzi più rappresentativi sono da citare Join Hands, Child o’ Boogaow, Displaced e Modern Times.

Grazie a questo successo arrivarono ad aprire molti concerti per gruppi del calibro di Metallica e Vasco Rossi, arrivando nell’arco di una settimana a suonare davanti a più di 130.000 persone, cosa che nessuna band metal italiana del tempo era riuscita a fare.