EXODUS: Pleasures of the flesh LP PICTURED DISC SIGNED limited edition Music For Nations original cover. signed, autographed


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rare picture disc LP on Music For Nations.

SAMPLES:  www.allmusic.com/album/pleasures-of-the-flesh-mw0000198472

Pleasures of the Flesh is the second album by Exodus, released in 1987. This is the first Exodus album to feature Steve Souza on vocals.
The album was to originally feature cover art with an illustration of the band depicted as cannibals preparing and eating their meal. However the cover was replaced with a photo of the band members leaning on a bar prior to release. The original cover was promoted by the record company in music magazines just prior to its release with the headline of “”Metal Heaviest Meal””. The original cover was also available as a limited edition picture disc LP.

Track listing
All writing credits go to Exodus.
# Title Length
1. “”Deranged“” 3:46
2. “”‘Til Death Do Us Part”” 4:50
3. “”Parasite“” 4:55
4. “”Brain Dead”” 4:15
5. “”Faster Than You’ll Ever Live To Be“” 4:26
6. “”Pleasures of the Flesh”” 7:37
7. “”30 Seconds”” 0:40
8. “”Seeds of Hate”” 4:57
9. “”Chemi-Kill“” 5:46
10. “”Choose Your Weapon”” 4:52

Steve Zetro Souza -Vocals
Gary Holt – Guitars
Rick Hunolt – Guitars
Rob McKillop – Bass
Tom Hunting – Drums