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Fabulous Disaster is the third album by Exodus, released in 1989 M.F.N Records
A video was made for the song “”The Toxic Waltz”” which received a good amount of air-play on MTV Headbanger Ball.
This is Tom Hunting last album with Exodus until the 1997 live release “”Another Lesson in Violence.””

“”The Last Act of Defiance”” – 4:44
“”Fabulous Disaster”” – 4:54
“”The Toxic Waltz”” – 4:51
“”Low Rider”” – 2:48 (War cover)
“”Cajun Hell”” – 6:05
“”Like Father, Like Son”” – 8:11
“”Corruption”” – 5:46
“”Verbal Razors”” – 4:07
“”Open Season”” – 3:54

Steve “”Zetro”” Souza – Vocals
Gary Holt – Guitars
Rick Hunolt – Guitars
Rob McKillop – Bass
Tom Hunting – Drums

Exodus’ lyrics are often dripping with sarcasm and/or irony. The Toxic Waltz¬†was meant to be a little “sarcastic”– since thrash isn’t exactly “dance music” and moshing isn’t exactly “dancing”— Think of it as a joke of sorts.

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