EVIL BEAVER: Lick it CD factory sealed [L7, Metal] Check samples and videos


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Fast, furious, aggressive girl-metal; the music is bold and powerful, a productive thing for not only women in music but women in general. Kicking into Heavily Distorted Bass And Scratchy L7-Esque Vocals



1. The Footmacist 2. Enter Beaver 3. Cherry Master 4. Superbird 5. Our Garden 6. Muff Control Unit 7. Chockin The Pearl 8. Macho Man 9. Year Of The Cookie 10. The Ballad Of Sandy D. Martino I 11. The Ballad Of Sandy D. Martino II 12. Cracked Ass 13. Burnin’ Beaver Blues. 14.Macho Man – (video) 15.Superbird – (video)]

Release Date:   February 6, 2001

Duration:  39:03

Worship the Beaver!
Undoubtedly the greatest band that ever was, is, or ever shall be in a world without end, amen, Evil Beaver destroys the very foundation of what an MTV saturated society considers music like the Juggernaut in a china store. A force to be reckoned with? No, a force to be feared! Evie Evil’s voice switches from the growl of an attacking bear to the wail of a strung out Siren without even getting blistered. And her bass playing, forget about it! It might as well be Hell’s Angels roaring out of your stereo. Add Laura Ann Beaver, who makes Lars Ulrich look like a frightened deer and could take Oscar De La Hoya any day of the week and twice on Tuesday, on the drums and you have a band that rocks and makes heads roll. Unbridled madness, furious anger, sexually transmitted diseases: “”Lick It”” just does not stop. And Evil Beaver live is like, is like….nothing you’ve ever experienced before (no one can play the bass while being held upside down like Evie can!) To sum it all up, everyone in the world should own this album because it eases migranes, stops global warming, and just leaves you feeling all fuzzy like. Thank you Evil Beaver, you rock my world!


Ride the Beaver
This was a real surprise. I’d expected a 2-piece band called Evil Beaver to be angry generic 3-chord chick-rock – like a cheap L7 imitation. Instead, I was shocked to hear how sophisticated the songwriting is on this powerful album. Evie Evil’s bass is multi-tracked for dense walls of fat distorted noise with lead bass lines over the top that add a dimension not often heard in this style of music. Her voice is expressive and the lyrics beg for a close listen – the repeated reference “”the moon is over the river”” is never explained in one of the best tracks (Muff Control Unit). Laura Beaver’s drum style alternates effortlessly between a good pounding and a light jazz shuffle within some songs. A friend said this has a genuine ‘Chicago sound’ (that’s where deyz from) and the pensive lyrics and alternate moodiness have a unique ‘big city’ vibe all their own. If you think you’d like to hear what Joan Jett would sound like if she joined the Melvins and wrote the songs, check out this album. I play this loud and often! (This cd has bonus video tracks of “”Macho Man”” and “”Superbird””.)


How I LOVE Evil Beaver
This CD changed my life. It is the best CD song for song I have heard in YEARS. I can’t wait for the next one to come out. Songs for driving. Feel good songs and more. It is real good. I can not believe that it is only 2 girls! Full and heavy – just a GREAT album!

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